Server Selection shows up empty. Can't play.

I created a new character and logged out. After trying to log back in the server selection is empty - both official and community list.

Reinstalled the game, restarted PC and still can't connect. Sent an email to support but they haven't responded to my last 3 emails. Anyone have any ideas?


  • brulokbrulok canada
    Windows firewall is turned off. Anti-virus is turned off.
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    You´re not alone. "retrieving" server status. We just have to wait :)
    edit: thing there is some problem with login (you can type ANYthing in password field to watch server selection)
  • RoDRoD Spain
    same here. Does anyone can join the game or just us?
  • The game official server is up, the login server is down. New connections are not able to be established right now so if you're not in already, we need to wait for the login server to come back up.

    I will update in this thread once I hear more news, unless CS makes an announcement first:

    Good luck!
  • I was wondering why the server was so quiet.. then I crashed while zoning into a dungeon and can't get back in either! Ah well, hope they can recover it soon :)
  • The big question is if they even know about the problem :)
  • KozKoz
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    Is there a Discord we can hop on that we can talk to the Staff?
  • Koz said:

    Is there a Discord we can hop on that we can talk to the Staff?

    There is a community Discord:
    CS staff visits occasionally but if you want to be sure they see something, the forums are probably a better place to share it.
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