Weapon Skill, Rouge, Low Tier

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Firstly I really enjoy this game, its great! These are all just some of my opinions/suggestions from playing.

Weapon Abilities
MAN, these miss all the time. They very very rarely hit. So its never worth wasting an attack animation to just miss with weapon abilities. I never use the weapon abilities because I know it will miss, so it just sits at the bottom of my screen while I have full stamina. And it feels more like they miss not because the opponent has good dodging but because the ability has a very low hit chance.

Rouge/Light Armor
The abilities Dart, Evasion, Vanish.... these kind of all feel like they really lack something. (Dart is the most lack luster in my opinion (run faster for a few seconds.) It really doesn't feel that useful. I almost feel like Dart and Evasion can be one ability together and it still will probably just be okay.

Vanish is nice with the debuff. But most people can just AOE damage to get you out of it. They generally know where you since you really can't get very far while hidden. You SHOULD move slowly when you use REGULAR hide. I feel like for the ability vanish you should be allowed to move regular running speed. It is insta-hide but the insta feels really ineffective because people will know where you are anyway. The debuff is the only thing going for this ability. It would be nice to be more mobile with this ability.

Evasion is alright. Level 1 evasion feels like it doesn't exists. I use it and never get a miss, and it barely lasts long enough to be useful. Its definitely better at higher levels. But it doesn't really give you the feeling of it being effective. I stated earlier it feels like Evasion and Dart can be one combined ability.

Low Tier Items

Low tier stuff, like pre level 30 craft-ables and tier 1 skill books have zero value to players. Walking around and I see so many on the ground. NPCs wont buy them. I like the idea of a player's market, but for low tier stuff its non existent because you can ether make it yourself or find it really easily. Mid to High tier stuff should be player driven because not everyone has the skills to make the item they might be looking for or are likely to get the drop for it without farming a bit.

My point is low tier stuff in my opinion should be sell-able to NPCs, so players can make money early on because right now killing monsters feels like the only way to make money early on. Not everyone wants to main combat though. Also like I stated before the low tier items just end up being junk on the ground. Theres no player market for them and they aren't NPC sell-able.

These are just some of my opinions and suggestions on the game that overall I am really enjoying.


  • Sounds like my experience as well.

    The game feels so bland, like licking water.
  • I will say I am having fun with the game overall. Also for me personally the game doesn't feel bland in a general sense. Overall I enjoy it.
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