Any clue about new taming values?

Black bears used to be 30/30 but not any longer, not sure what to tame after wolves/horses/hinds


  • AutoQQAutoQQ United States
    My first chance of taming a black bear, was at 29/40 Lore/Taming
  • This is for you pioneer tamers to find out and let us know! Hopefully you will post the results here. I'm interested.
  • tamed my first black bear at 41.7 started trying at 38
  • AutoQQAutoQQ United States
    I managed to tame them around 32/40 but could not control them untill around 34-5 lore, I could tame brown bears also but it took closer to 38 before they stopped ignoring me.
  • AutoQQAutoQQ United States
    I am able to begin trying black wolves at 44.8 lore, assuming you only need the 45 taming that used to be listed to try them.
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