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Hey all, I'm gathering questions for the town hall (8 PM EDT/midnight UTC as the dev team answers questions on Twitch -- -- and live in-game at the Valus Theatre). I can't promise we'll get to everything, but we'll do our best to hit the majors. Feel free to quote someone else and add your +1.


  • My questions (if there is something I'm missing in-game, let me know please):

    1.) Are there plans to make it easier to find specific shops in the towns? Something like asking the guard for directions would help immensely in figuring out the layouts, especially for new players.

    2.) Animal taming/lore. Are there any plans to add actual training of animals/monsters, stat wise?

    3.) Will you be continuing to flesh out the world? At least in the newbie zones (I haven't ventured out far yet), the wildlife diversity and landmarks seem few and far between. Exploring these areas and finding cool little encampments or landmarks would go a long way for immersion. I hate comparing the newbie experience with Ultima Online, but in Ultima, wandering the wildnerness, you encountered the occasional ettin, gargoyle, ogre, etc. that you would need to run from as a new player. It made it exciting.

    I ran for a little bit and only encountered wolf, hind, bear, rabbit, etc. It all felt a little too "static", or hand placed? Hopefully that makes sense.

    4.) Friend system/party improvements. Right now it looks like you need to be next to one another to party up. Will there be a "friends list" or ease of use improvements regarding this? Health bars included.

  • Are the devs happy with the state of tamers right now? It seems that overall even the strongest pets (wyverns, dreads) are pretty inferior to an average player, even with a dedicated GM vet healing it they seem to die very quickly.
  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    1) Where's necromancy?

    2)In the newsletter you advertise loyalty rewards, when are they coming to CB2? (I want my cloak!)

    3) What is the incentive to pvp as a faction or to play as a murderer?

    4) Day 2 of CB2 and players are already in the 70s in some skills, isn't that kinda fast?

    5) The world still feels empty. Are you going to be adding roaming mobs like wandering ettins, corpsers, and the likes?

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    1) Will the current system of crafting orders to get random recipes stay? Let us at least chose the rewards!
    Also why are the orders so high? 120 maces as first order is a bit exaggerated. 20-40 would seem a better compromise?

    2) Instead of gathering kindling from spots could we steal the uo method and gather kindling when we use a knife on a tree?

    3) What happened to helms mine? We find more stone than ore there now. :open_mouth:

    4) Any story arcs planned for live? Any invasion spawners or something similar ready?

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    - Why do we have recipes locked behind orders? We had recipes before and it wasn't good and now they are back and only obtainable randomly through recipes.
    - are there more plans for the atlas? Will it be eventually added to the other books in the paper doll? Takes "view space" in backpack
    - seems skill gain is too fast, was it already adjusted?
    - what about the lore? will the players be able to get to know more about the world somehow? seems with SO the lore was not that absent ast its like now.
  • James_ButlerJames_Butler Sydney
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    How do we delete characters?

    Are there rare visuals for animals/beasts (unique hue's that spawn at a very low rate) same stats etc just a slightly different look (shiny pokemon) ?

    How long till Barding? :-)
    (peace discord provo but also a buff for party etc?)
  • @James_Butler "/deletechar" in the textfield when logged in with the char. Must be atleast 7 days old
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