Patch Notes 07/12/18

Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
edited July 2018 in Straight from the Citadel
-House decay has been enabled
-Fabrication Orders can now be completed
-Skillgain adjustments (Crafting skills slightly increased, harvesting skills slightly decreased).
-Added bolts of fabric to Tailor shops
-Increased beginner monster HP(s)
-Increased drop rate of Level 1 ability books
-Arrow item value updated
-Animal Taming bug corrected - everything is not ‘too difficult’ unless it actually is
-Bindstone portals fixed to be one way portals
-Helm Metalsmith now spawns correctly.
-Spellbook/Staff no longer raise Magic Affinity.
-Disabled screen shake
-Blood effect on hit reduced
-Chefs now train cooking


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