Screenshot Scavenger Hunt!

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
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Hey, everyone. I’m about to post the news of a MAJOR graphics overhaul, and to celebrate, we’ve hidden 15 screenshots around the internet. Thanks to our friends in the gaming media, our streamers, and the all around friends of LOA.

The first player - or potential player - to find them all wins a Lord Pack.

Feel free to work in groups or guilds to find them all, just know there’s only the one prize. Sites and streamers are allowed to promote their own exclusive image, and I’ll be dropping hints until they’re all found. The video I’m putting up with the announcement does not count, BTW, but the screenshots I posted DO.

Do you want to play? This is the thread for you! The first player to post all 16 links in this thread is the winner. Easy peasy.

I have a sneaking suspicion you all will want to talk about the rest of the post, but please do that in the official thread for the post. Save this thread for the scavenger hunt, okay?

Ready… set…. GO! (When the embargo lifts at 3 PM EDT, anyway.)


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