Question on macroing (Not what you think!)

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Hello all!

So it's not what you think...I've done some searching on the forums in regards to unattended macroing. I want to ask an intelligent question instead of repeating the same old discussion. So here is my question:

Will there be a decision made on unattended macroing and communicated to the playerbase before the final wipe/soft release? I'm not asking what that stance is now since I know it's still in discussion. I just am wondering if it's something that will be communicated or if it is something that will remain a gray area potentially until some time after release.

The reason I'm asking is in regards to me or any of my friends who are looking to purchase a founders pack and whether this decision will influence them one way or another (since their views are mixed as well).

Hopefully I didn't miss something in my searches. Thanks and see you all in game!


  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    Attended macroing has been okay.
  • Nocturn said:

    Attended macroing has been okay.

    My post is in regards to unattended macroing. Editing now.
  • DominusDominus I always start my day with a Special K, for breakfast.
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    I believe resource gathering macro's were disallowed though, even attended ones. So no macro bots or scripts on rails.
  • Ok gotcha. So sounds like the only stance in question is in regards to AFK macroing skills like magery for example.
  • RelsanctRelsanct Costa Rica

    Ok gotcha. So sounds like the only stance in question is in regards to AFK macroing skills like magery for example.

    Probably ok to macro magery for skill gains. Just saying attended macroing is kind of open to interpretation. I can be watching a series or cooking myself a meal and just occasionally glancing at the monitor and it is technically attended. From my experience generally attended means you are close enough to the keyboard to respond in a timely manor if someone were to message you.

    What is definitely not ok I would imagine, would be to setup a macro for magery before you go to work and let it ride for a few hours while no one is at the keyboard. This is just my assumption though. However the devs stated in one interview they were ok with macroing as long as it was attended, take that however you want.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Think an official answer is needed sometime.
  • Hello all - now that CB2 is out and early release comes next...has there been any further discussions on this? I'm curious as to the mindset especially after the recent discussion about skill gain speed. Is macroing something like magic in town legal if you are afk? Maybe it will be more costly or have some other downfall - but might allow players to catch up while not always being able to be present to go on hunts.
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