Disappointed miner. Mining suggestion.

I do not know if this is in the works, but today I made a Miner and did a bit of mining and I was disappointed.

I miss the UO mining system, and I believe that there is an opportunity in this game to bring back exploration and excitement to mining.

I am referring to the visual cues in the rocks. Please get rid of the visual cues as to what materials are in the rock.


Without the visual cues, miners have to go out and mine the rockfaces to discover what is hidden inside. Only those miners who are dedicated to prospecting and testing locations will benefit. The process made ores more valuable because the ore needed to be discovered and mined. Also, the ores were not zoned difficulty specific, which made it truly random. Different types of ores could be found all over the map with the most expensive being the rarest but still able to be found in the safest of locations. Naturally, you could expect that the rare nodes that happen to be found in the most dangerous areas would be mined a lot less often than the ones found in the safer zones, but smart miners will take advantage of this and profit from the risk.

I miss the days of going out to the hillsides with just my pickaxe, spend time prospecting the hills and being rewarded by finding locations of most expensive of ores.

Miners could mark and sell runes to ore locations for profit or for dasterly deeds ;)


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    It is not my intention to shoot down your ideas, but I see a few small issues with your proposal.

    Players nowadays mark resource locations on player made maps. It won't matter ultimately if they are marked in game (since we'll have out of game maps) but there will always be players that complain about it if it's NOT marked, and I could be wrong but I am guessing that group of players will be more vocal than the ones who do not want ores distinguished by visual cues.

    I don't disagree with your idea, but I don't think it's better than what we have. Change can help keep things interesting in-game, to a degree. I'm certainly not against change or challenge, but if it doesn't change dynamically and it has to do with geography - I am putting it on my maps :)
  • Visual cues laugh in the face of macro bots.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Only experienced miners should be able to distinguish ores just watching at the rocks. For the rest of the players they should be all the same.
    And having depleted ores while new ones appear dinamically would take care of offline maps.
  • I would also suggest that smelting goes towards the mining skill and not the blacksmithing skill. Miners know hoe to find and shape ores into alloys and metals, while blacksmiths know how to shape items from metals.

    That way a fighter/mage/whatever could pick up the skill and could stop and do some prospecting while they are out in the wilds then smelt into bars and not have to carry around super heavy ore.
  • Sacha said:

    Only experienced miners should be able to distinguish ores just watching at the rocks. For the rest of the players, they should be all the same.
    And having depleted ores while new ones appear dynamically would take care of offline maps.

    I did think about the depleting veins and I do like it. It would definitely add to the value of those willing to put in the time to find the ore and add to the value to the materials. As it is now, anyone can make a miner and Smith with little to no effort. I was leveling up my mining and smithing in the joke of a noob cave while watching a movie. It is an easy side skill that takes no effort, only time. This essentially makes the skill worthless as a source of income and the only way to make money is to be a fighter.

    At the moment, If it is your dream to have a smithy shop that sells great weapons and armor, then this game is not for you. Because everyone can do it with no effort.
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    Take a moment and watch this video of UO mining with a pack horse, smelting, and tools that wear out. Keep in mind that the player has no idea what he is about to mine up, but once he finds what he is looking for he now has knowledge of the location and can come back for more. It is a system that rewards people willing to put in the time and work on their craft. Oh, and EVERY spot yields the most basic ore, get rid of stone ><

  • To be honest, I find the mining in that video more interesting than LOA's current version of mining.

    I'm not sure what they can do to make it better without totally re-doing mining though?

    And stone? Last I checked, stone in LOA is currently only used for like 4 recipes and those are not newbie recipes either. I have no idea what they plan to do with stone but if there are not plans to put it to good use, I would like to see stone removed as well!
  • RelsanctRelsanct Costa Rica
    I agree with the OP about mining and the visual cues. With all the nodes already highlighting exactly what type of ore you will find it takes all the discovery and sucks what little excitement mining has right out of it. You go to an area, see all the nodes you can mine, hit them, repeat, it is very boring. It is rewarding for a miner to try his luck on different stones, and potentially get some rare ore, and encourages them to find different locations and feel a sense of accomplishment when you find that sweet spot that give you the rare ore.
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