LogIn-Tunnel forever

Hi there,

I´m posting this issue for the third time, since nothing has changed:

I login to the game and all the servers (official and community) are just fine until the loading screen (the tunnel).
I´ve played SO/LoA from the beginning but since Beta I cant get beyond the Loading screen - it runs for hours without any game access. Laptop i5 with Nvidia graphics and Desktop A8 connected to a DSL Router and DSL 1000.

So there must be something between the login server and my Internet connection (from Germany). Even turned off all firewalls (Windows and Router) for testing but no success.

I´ve played dozends of online games since ´97 and never experienced such issues.I really wonder what´s wrong. It may be helpful to have the IP address of the Login-Sever to traceroute the potential problem/bottleneck and the Ports that are necessary.

Help! *desperate*



  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Can you try using another pc on that same connection? that way we could find if it's something pc related (maybe graphic card) or network related.
    Or maybe trying your laptop in a friend's house or somewhere else?
  • Email 'contact@citadelstudios.net' for assistance with this issue.
  • @Sacha: Just checked my neighbours WLAN - I get access to the game within seconds. Even with my mobile phone as a Tethering Hotspot it works fine on my Laptop. So it must be a DSL-Router/Network prob.

    I will follow Veronicas advice and send an email asking for the ports to forward and protocols.

    Thanks for your help.

  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Good luck mate
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