purple cloak

MindtripMindtrip mattnichols05@gmail.com
So, the only reason I signed up for the expensive pack was the purple cloak. It was my guild color in UO and was thrilled to get it here but now its freaking blue. Might be see purple cloaks later?


  • MindtripMindtrip mattnichols05@gmail.com
    edited June 2018
    was it blue in this pic as well? I know its clearly blue now. I mean purple and gold would look so good together.
  • MindtripMindtrip mattnichols05@gmail.com
    edited September 2018
    any word on purple cloaks to come possibly? This was a bait and switch. Need purple!
  • I think most players and the devs are a bit more concerned with game systems, bugs and release rather than cosmetics at this point.
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