Can't interact with NPC's or do anything that requires a double left click!

I believe it is connection related in some way as I only get a ping of 26 in the log in menu. I have a brand new Asus 3100 dual band router and a fiber connection with 10 mbps upload and download speed and when I check the internet speed in settings it says I am getting around 293 mbps so any Ideas? Please help spent money on a game that I can't play very frustrating.


  • edited June 2018
    Same problem here, can not interact with objects, Doors, npc...
  • Apparently I am not going to get an answer to my problem here I guess I will just have to reverse charges on my card and delete the game
  • So disappointed I had high hopes for this game as I was a multi-year veteran of UO and enjoyed

    that game immensely.
  • Do you get a menu when right clicking an npc?
  • AmekaAmeka United States
    Have you tried playing the game in windowed vs. fullscreen mode?
  • dutchvddutchvd United States
    same here!
  • Same here, driving me insane
  • ShandorShandor
    Same here and running in windowed mode dose not change how the game runs at all. Also tried all the different settings in game and combos of settings.
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