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so i play on us east legends of ultima server and i saw the post to patch the client to play today. so i did and now i cant connect to my server anymore, said i need the update. any help out there to solve this


  • LoULoU Legends of Ultima
    Go on the LoU discord, check the #server_info channel, there you'll find a link to the client we currently use.

    Or wait until next week, when we'll update the server and have our cluster upgraded.

    Stuff like this usually happens when CS bring a new version and we have to update our mods to work with the new version - but when that happens, we post a link on discord, so you can download the older version again.
  • DfRDfR Legends of Ultima Graveyard
    i dont have lou discord info i have loa's
  • LoULoU Legends of Ultima
    You can find the link on our homepage,
    Just scroll down, you'll find a "join us on discord" banner.
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