Bought the game, but cant play

So i bought the game, the order is #10016638, but i didnt recive any key, and if i press the play buttom, it will redirect me to the buy page, and if i press the buy buttom, it will say that i already have it.
Can anyone help me?


  • ChojinChojin
    edited May 2018
    Did you try to logout, close window, login, refresh the page ?
    Also try to empty your browser cache.

    If no solution you can mail, they are quick to answer on workhours :smile:

    Lots of info here too
  • easy fix.
    Go to and look for this.

    You are a member of the Beta Playtester program.
    Get info on upcoming playtests on the events calendar

    Your Access Code: XXXxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

    When you log into the game you'll see access code in the top right and you put your code there.
  • Thank you all for your help,
    I´ve tried cleaning cache from my 2 browsers, and it didnt work.
    What i´ve found was that the only way is to send an email, so they can fix it, its a known bug in the Dashboard.
    Waiting for the 24hrs fix, see you all in the game.
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