Palanai - Server Updates and News 2.0

Server Status: Unreleased, In Development
Discord Chat:

Palanai is an upcoming community server that focuses on collaborative storytelling. Our goal is to re-create the Persistent World RPG experience of the great servers of Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. We want to provide the foundation for an immersive fantasy word, continuously evolving through the actions of the players' characters.


We are creating a completely new ruleset for Palanai. The basis of which is 5th Edition, which we will be releasing to the whole of the Legends of Aria community and building our own original custom systems on top of.

In addition Tales of Palanai features it's own custom maps and an original Fantasy Setting we created just for the server. The beta version of our Campaign Guide can be read and downloaded here on DeviantArt: Campaign Guide.

Joining the Development & GM Team
We are always looking for new enthusiastic people to join our team. This includes, but is not limited to:

• programmers, for both content and system creation,
• writers for the lore, dialogues and in game descriptions,
• modders / programmers and artists to help us create our scripts and custom assets,
• gameplay designers for our systems and game encouters,
• area designers for our world creation, and
• community moderators and storytellers for our GM (Game Masters) Team.

If you are interrested, simply contact @Pharaun or @DjOli the forum or discord.


  • River's End Tavern:

    Estienne Ruins:


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    "As we're inching closer to steam release, we would like to officially announce 5th Edition, the community ruleset that we have been building for Palanai.

    There is plenty of great stuff to demonstrate, and still plenty more work to do, so the plan is to reveal more information with demo videos around once a month.

    We would love for everyone to check out our first video, where we introduce you to the ruleset and provide some insight into what is available to Characters when getting started.

    I would also like to invite everyone to the 5e-ruleset-discussion for any questions you may have. We are going to be far more transparent with the development of the ruleset from now on, so if there is anything you are curious about, don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for all your patience, and I hope you like it!" -DjOli

  • Looks great, will you be sharing your art assets with the community as well?
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    The short answer is yes, we are very much commited on sharing art assets and the prefab setups for them to be useable for LoA. We already have done so directly with two other community servers. I believe giving other servers and modders as much support on getting started as we can is very important. It would be selfish and stupid for others to have to do the same amount of work as we had to do ourselves for Palanai, if we can make it easier for them.

    The long answer is a tad more complicated. There are assets (those we created and those that have a free liscence) we can share without issue. There are assets we can't share (those we bought or those we got exclusive permission for). There are edited assets and additional assets we can only share if someone bought the same base models as we did (which means we can only really share if we have confirmation that the other party has purchased them too). There are some that fall inbetween those, like models we created ourselves but a texture we re-used from somewhere else.

    We still have to figure out a good way to do it, so it does not become a complicated mess. Having a good platform to do so will be important. Something like the Neverwintervault or Nexus. It will also still take a while before we have the time to set up the content packs, because we got tons to do ourselves for us to be ready for launch.
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    Medieval City Tileset

    This is a preview of the Medieval City Tileset we are building for Palanai, and will be releasing to the modding community. It will be modular, have a lot of options to build unique structures, and have a good amount of texture variations.

    It will also be complete with Level of Detail models. If you are inside or near the building you will see it in it's higher poly, higher texture resolution glory. The further you are away from it, the lower poly variants of the models and lower res it will be, to help keep performance good.







  • Highlands Map Preview

    Palanai has high altitude highlands, where the tropical climate gives way to a more temperate landscape. This is a preview of one of these regions.





    Volcano Map Preview

    If you climb even further, you will come to one of the Volcanos. This place is also home to one of the Sprit Groves, places where live leeches into the world of the living. Allowing this otherworldly grove of flaming trees and charred grass to exist.



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  • November Update:
    So our last update was back in September. So it is about time I give another update here for those folks who are not on our community discord.

    General Improvements:
    A good chunk of our development was put into bringing all our content to the same level of quality, so that when we launch everything feels cohesive. In order to accomplish that we went back to our early content and did some improvements.

    The tropical map has a completely new set of trees and vegetation. We re-created the majority of static trees and vegetation in speedtree and replaced a few older models completely. With the added wind support for these assets our old maps now feel much more immserive and alive, and the LoD support gave us a performance boost.

    We also re-did the whole grass of our tropical map, having switched to Vegetation Studio now that Legends of Aria supports it.

    Preperation for World Streaming:
    We have been updating our maps in preperation for the world streaming support that will come in the future. The majority of the work in this regard is complete, and now we are waiting on the tool to see to the rest.

    Free-Tilt Camera Work
    We have begun to already take the steps that would be required for it to work on our server, in case Citadel Studios will support an alternative camera in the future for community servers. This means that if the option is unlocked for us, we will be able to switch to it without much issue. This does add some additional restrictions and challenges to our development process. However, we do not ever want to be in the position that we would need an extensive overhaul of our content to be able to support it.

    Tool Creation:
    We created two new development tools for our project. The first allows us to do faster and higher quality map collision painting. The second allows us to resize terrain objects and increase their resolution very easily.

    Our development on the dialogue editor tool continues, but it is not quite ready yet. Once it is, we can very quickly and efficiently implement the branching dialogue conversations we have already written for our NPCs. This is an important step for our project, as narrative content plays a big part of our world design.

    Custom Content:
    We decided to delay the medieval city tileset we are creating ourselves. We will be waiting for the Legends of Aria toolkit to upgrade to Unity 2018.3, as with the addition of nested prefabs and prefab variants, we can implement it in a much more performant way and also cut down on it's size. Which will help reduce the strain on players needing to download our already large custom content library.

    This however means that our work on the Australian hosted maps of our server will be delayed, because that server will use that tileset extensively. Once we upgrade to Unity 2018.3, it will be a priority and it's development should be quite quick.
  • looks great, keep up the good work :)
  • MhikhailMhikhail United States
    Looks great. Looking forward to it.
  • Can't wait for this to go live
  • Interesting idea. Will check it out.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    This will be undoubtly one of the best community servers
  • Their scripter could use help so if you know how to code and want to see this ruleset completed faster I would recommend joining discord and offering a hand.
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