Guilds and Wipe


since I am enjoying the game and looking to stay for the long run I have started my own guild - for first time in 16 years playing mmorpg in have started my own guild!

The guild name is RAID and I invite you to join of course - in game name is Jon Irenicus, page

As there will be server wipe on game launch I wonder what will happen to a guild during this? I understand fresh server will start and new characters will have to be created.

Since I did not see any friend list system, I now encourage players to join the FB page to get invited to guild after wipe.

Will all guilds in game be deleted as well? Or is it possible to keep the guild saved/transfer it to new server over the wipe and send players communication/game registered email address message on the server where the guild will be playing and inform them that their guild membership has been kept active over the wipe?

Thank you and Raid well heroes!


  • Jon_IrenicusJon_Irenicus
    Also I would be interrested in demoting/resetting guild ranks. I have given officer rank to a member and he promoted him self to guild master. Now as owner of the guild I cannot demote him back to officer or prevent officers to increase rank to guild master without permission.
  • Still can Kick him lol =)
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