Wisdom and it's relation to Magic in PVE and PVP

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@Sanya Wisdom is in need of a massive revamp.

There is a large correlation why all PK's are mages. Specificly the top Player Killers are exploiting a combination of archery and magery.

This is roughly a 700 damage combination ....

Rock Bombardment... Pre-cast Energy Bolt Use ability Snipe (snipe automatically attacks the target and does not interupt the precastede Energy Bolt). Target Energy Bolt.

Now Snipe is not the problem here. The problem is the fact that wisdom only yields a chance of half resist. The fact that it's a "chance" resist means that the value to your effective hit points is greatly diminished. Anyone one that knows anything about PVP is that it really boils down to Effective HP and Burst damage. The other problem with the current implimentation of Wisdom is that you have no percieved value of it as it all comes down to RNJesus.

Wisdom should be flat mitigation towards magic. This gives a predictable value of mitigation that is easy to balance. I should know that if i have 50 wisdom that i will stand up to a mage with out a problem. Not thinking that a mage might just get "lucky" and rock my socks every time because RNjesus hates me.


  • I agree with this. I'd make wisdom reduce damage by a percent. Or make it reduce by a small percent all the time and also have a high chance to proc a shield that negates a boatload of damage. It just needs to be a bit more consistent I say. Either straight damage reduction or a mix of damage reduction and resist procs. Wisdom has saved my life, but there's been plenty of times I just got extremely unlucky and it did almost nothing.
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    The bow/ EB combo you mentioned may be the reason they disabled the snipe ability temporarily. As a pure bow user, it kinda bums me out though
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    So Snipe 3 did like 230ish-250ish dam to cloth/leather with a mid 80's bow and ebolt and explosions did 114 to 120 ish damage with 100 channeling.....so yeah a little over 500 damage, which 300+ of it will be immediately healed since you decided to try and combo like that.

    Might catch a newb off guard, but thats about it.

    You shoulda been more worried about the stuns honestly lol. Snipe is useless without the stuns in place to allow it to hit, because you cant move for 3 seconds while priming snipe, and unless your running 10 dex, your out of range of it by the time it goes off and its wasted.

    There is reasons why vanguard and stasis are in the game, right?

    Damage should always have variables in them, if every thing hit for x damage and x reduced damage by y all the time, then nobody would ever die in this game.

    Archery is useless in this game because moving resets the draw timer, which is completely stupid. Make it like UO where we had to stop to start the bowdraw animation and then stop to let the arrow fly or better yet, just make to where we have to stop for a second to let the arrow fly only.
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