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Greetings all! Recently purchased and have been enjoying the few minutes of game play I've completed so far. The feel, mechanics, and general execution is spot on. This may be a tired point, but I just want to verbalize my support, hope and expectations for a stealing/thief skill to be implemented again soon.

I remember the general mechanics for stealing were:
- You could steal from pack animals, chests, and npcs until your skill was at 60;
- You could then join the thieves guild which allowed you to purchase a disguise kit and let you still from other players
- Needed snooping to see see someones belongings -- higher intelligence would detect snooping, and the snooper's higer Detect Hidden skill could counteract the snooping detection
- You could steal a random item by targeting just the player
- Needed to be within one tile to successfully steal
- Would flag grey (criminal) to victim regardless of success -- if detected you would flag grey to everyone for 2 minutes
- Could steal keys to houses and boats -- could cast recall on the boat key to successfully pirate other peoples ships

Anyone else having anything to add or reminisce about?


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    Takes me away...
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    Necromancy. I want to be a vampire 24/7, with a pet wolf (for stamina bonus)!
  • I am trying to be very slow about comparing this game to Ultima Online. yes it is very similar but this is still its own new game. I feel like if i can separate the two games I will better understand this one. With that said something I do enjoy is stealing. Are there any plans to introduce it into this game?

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