uo vet with some quewstions

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im looking to buy this game. DO i have to spend $30 to play this? How big is this compared to uo? Is the pvp just good? is the dungeons as good? is there amonthly fee? how big is the player base?


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    Yes, you must buy to play, but there will not be a monthly subscription fee.

    The game is still in beta, which means that features are being continuously tweaked or revamped.

    Also because it is in beta it is hard to tell what the average number of online players is. As far as I know that statistic is not available to players. You can probably find how many people pledged during the crowdfunding campaign, though. That number is most likely available somewhere on their website and should give you an idea of the "potential player base" size.

    What do you mean by "how big"?

    I will let others answer your question about PvP since I do not engage in PvP very often.

    Welcome to LoA!
  • As I used to run a private server from the RunUO project, this map is bigger.
  • Just buy it. It's 30 bucks one time. If you play for 3 months it's a win...
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