Couple of misc. questions re: LOA vs. UO

My first impression is this is a modern UO with better graphics, performance, UI, etc. That alone was enough for me to join you guys in buying a founder's pack. But I'm wondering, are there any features in this game that UO didn't have? And last question, I did not see a poison skill on the Wiki. Any plans to add that? Nox mage has always been a really rare niche in online games that I'm fascinated by (early UO).

Anyways look forward to playing after the download.


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    I loved UO and love this game even more. Some of the things I really enjoy that are different are the fact that they changed the skills around so much. Taming was just ridiculously OP in UO. One only needed to dedicate 200/700 skill points to be able to tame some super powerful beasts. In LoA, one must dedicate 300/600 skill points to be this powerful. They have now broken it down into taming and beast mastery. So if one would like to be a super powerful tamer hen a ton of time will have to be invested. I also love that magery got broken down into beneficial spells and offensive spells. There is a dungeon, corruption I think, that requires skulls that drop from other dungeons to be able to access which forces one to experience all the dungeons. In UO there were just some completely baron dungeons because they just didn’t drop anything good. To your original question about anything new... I have been playing for about a week now and I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen anything new, like a whole new play style or something. Obviously, there are tons of new animals and monsters, spells, houses, skills, etc... but it’s more like they took all the bad from UO and tweaked it to be good.
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    So far, Legends of Aria seems to be UO, tweaked and modernized. Prestige abilities are definitely a big change from classic UO. At first I didn't like the idea of prestige abilities but now I see how well it fits into the game. They've gotten rid of useless skills (camping/spirit speak, changing magic resist into a stat rather than a GM skill) Also the dungeons in LoA seem to be more "dungeony" and group oriented than in UO. Once again, I was skeptical about this change, but it seems to be working fine and once the dungeons are fully spawned, they will make for great PVE and guild battles. (NEVER make separate instances for the dungeons CS! NEVER!)

    Down the road, I'm sure there's going to be more features that UO didn't have at all, but at the moment they're just trying to get the core of the game stable enough to play and enjoy. The poisoning skill really made no sense to me in UO. I understand why it's hard to craft a powerful poison, but to dip your blade in the poison? Why do you have to master that art?... I'm assuming they will just add a poison potion that anyone can apply to their blades rather than making you waste 100 skill points on the poisoning skill.

    Glad to have you aboard, see you in game.
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the answers. Regarding poisoning, I might be just getting old, I thought in ancient versions of UO, a poison skill of 100 permitted the casting lethal poison via magery, though I could certainly be mistaken. I hope they add some unique skills. I know I've got tons of terrible ideas myself.
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    In terms of comparison between UO and LoA its , sadly , pretty much the same as it was on release back in 1997/1998.

    If you liked the realy old ganking UO without all the funny and good improvments like BoDs for the crafting jobs etc. this is YOUR game. But beware.. 90% of the community are die hard uo vets which only like this game because you can gank everyone.
    Back in 1997 most players played the game because UO was fun at a whole thing ( which included pvp but many other aspects too ) not to only gank/loot other players all the time.
    All the guys which have good memorys of that old uo gank time are playing LoA now, so its very very very very unforgiving for everyone who dislike it.

    I was also expecting some new stuff which is up to date after 20!!!!! years of gaming history.
    Like "raid" bosses, smoother and more fun group content (hard dungeons with some puzzles or special mechanics on the monsters)
    A crafting system similar to the BoD system from uo, which keep you playing and crafting even after hiting GM on that skill.

    So all of the original not modded game is build around ganking griefing and looting other players.
    If you like that, play it its good. If you dont like that, you shouldnt play the game until they fix it and add some interesteing pvp like guild vs guild.
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    Welp somebody definitely pissed in his cheerios
  • If I am not mistaken the Bulk Orders (Craft Orders) system is being implemented right now.
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