I purchased the $90 package and received a receipt from paypal, but I can not log in to the dashboard. I tried resetting the password, and I'm told there is no registered account with that email. Is this a legitimate operation, or should I do a charge-back?


  • Apparently, I should have received the activation key in my email, but I have not. I only email I received was to activate my forum account.
    I've opened and escalated a claim on paypal, they made it sound like this is a frequent occurrence. I don't know if they were referring to this specific company, or just in general.
  • Grim_CSGrim_CS Administrator

    I have responded to your email. There is a bug in our system that prevents users from using filters in their email. I assure you this is not a scam, just a Saturday.

    Thank you,
  • I was able to log in and download the client. I hope this bug gets resolved so your system meets IETF RFC-2822 standards for future purchasers. The very least you could do is put up some front-end validation.
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