Melaedha asked me to do this

After teasing my map collection and saying what a sucker for collectibles I am, she asked for a pic of the map collection earlier today. Here is one of each (I have multiple copies of a few of these) of the Ultima Cloth Map collection I have:



  • *Drools*
  • wow!! Nostalgia.
  • Melaedha_CSMelaedha_CS Administrator
    That. Is. So. Awesome.
  • SupreemSupreem United States Administrator
    Awesome collection!
  • ChrissayChrissay Administrator
    WOW that's an awesome collection!
  • Nice! I have a collection of UO boxes (Original to AoS), but these are far better.
  • DustyMacdDustyMacd Scotland Moderator
    jealousy doesn't cover it!
  • I got a new addition!  It's the CLOTH UO:T2A map which at least base don the number of times I've seen it on eBay in the past few years since starting really actively Ultima map collecting makes it likely to be the third rarest of the series behind the Ultima Forever and the Ultima I Pony Canyon map.  Original UO map on the left, T2A on the right.

  • Can't wait to see someone make a UO map for shards
  • Amazing!  Still have my UO cloth map and box/playguide.  
  • Going back in time here, wish there was LoA cloth map!
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