Patch Notes, 4/3/2018



  • LakesLakes Helm county

    I'm a new player in this game, but I love this new patch, especially on blacksmithing.

    Keep up the good work,
  • The GZAThe GZA Minnesota
    Great patch! Love all the changes. Of course there are more changes to come. One thing I noticed was the hotkeys/binds have been a little glitchy since the update. Example:
    1. Not being able to keep these hotkeys/binds traveling into dungeons (have to reset them multiple times.)
    2. Losing hotkeys/binds randomly (this seems to be solved by logging in and out, but the problem can reoccur)

    Like I said I love these changes, however I have one recommendation. The targeting system is a little simplistic. This in itself is good! However, If I were to recall/travel around the map the targeting system seems to default to the closest target? This is a little tiring for pvp, because right now it can default to your friend you are traveling with. Especially without karma protection this can cause an attack on a friend when recalling to a protected zone (keep in mind spells put you in attack mode). Maybe there can be a change to something more intuitive for targeting without actually dedicating attack to a target?

    Food for thought.

    Great job!

  • Morph said:

    Is it just me, or did this patch introduce alot of gfx bugs? all my weapons are black, nearly all armor is grey/black, half the pets i see people have are true black...?

    Besides, why do 1 cotton equal 5 cloth, while you need 5 iron to make 1 bar? 5 wood to make 1 board? Seems strange to me?

    Also why does quilted cloth weigth so much more than cotton cloth? :)

    Why does leather armor come in 3 different types pr. tier while cloth armor only comes in 2?

    mining and Lumberjack have autoharvest so u get 5 wood or iron really fast, while cotton must be harvested 1 by one and often u don't get even cotton, so i think the work rate is good, otherwise fabrication will become a pain skill
  • Sanya said:

    - Pets are now guard-whacked when committing negative actions within a guard zone.
    - All negative actions by pet owners cause the owner and all pets to suffer the consequences.
    - All negative actions by a pet causes the pet's owner and all the owner's pets to suffer the consequences.

    Right, this may never happen to anyone else but it just happened to me.

    I just spent 2-3 days getting my Animal Taming from 60-100, upon doing so I went to tame my first Dread after the patch.

    Just as I tamed it, I instantly got guard wacked and so did my Dread. Now I can only presume it was in the middle of a cast, and the spell was mid-flight when I tamed it, so after I tamed the Dread I got hit by my own Dread which caused me and the Dread to get guard wacked.

    That's just not fair really.

    I did no criminal actions but I got guard wacked. So it's pretty much impossible to tame a Dread without the risk of getting guard wacked. Beware tamers.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Yes, some kind of cancell all actions would be needed in the onTamed event.
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