Update to the Update Plan

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
I LIVE for cheesy thread titles.

Anyway, dear ones, here's where we are this week. The patch is going well. It didn't suffer as much from our two leads being at GDC (pitchin' publishers, if you're wondering) as you might have thought - because the flights were so long, they worked on the plane :) Let's hear it for in-flight wifi!

We have slightly altered things a bit. Instead of "probably" doing an experimental server build, we're definitely doing one. So that pushes the live version to next Monday or Tuesday, and the experimental version going up on Thursday evening (3/29/18).

We REALLY REALLY need you this weekend, tester family. If you go to your dashboard (https://www.legendsofaria.com/dashboard) after I give the word on Thursday, you should see two client links, the live one, and one that says EXPERIMENTAL.

If you could click the latter and just hammer the crap out of it, and report ALL THE THINGS, it would make such a difference to us.

I'll be sending a prize pack to the top three bug reporters, consisting of...the PAX swag. There's a little notepad, a lanyard, and a signed poster. And also my eternal gratitude!

Who's available?



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