Meet Gregg "Zenroth" Williams

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator

(I'm just doing some posts so when I talk about people, you can match up names and faces.)


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    Thanks, Sanya. c: It's always cool to be up-to-date on your favorite game~

    And welcome, Zenroth! May you crash into the other gates of the Great Lord Supreem and stay awesome forever. c:
  • massive :O
  • ...big step forward towards transparency and insight in the Dev´s work.

    Next Kade and Miphon, please. (Kade = the tough guy?, Miph = the Brain?)

    Since Supreem is well known for UO Vets, no need to explain his evil records. ^^

    And btw. what happened to the first comm manager, Madhalaine (or so) was her name?

    Is Draconi still around sometimes?

    Bacon 4 life, Sanya! ^^

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