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Hail Legends!

Let me begin by saying the fastest way to receive direct technical support is by sending an email to us at

This is going to be a running list of common issues that I receive emails about. I will be adding and removing items frequently.

Invalid Email Address or UserId
When presented with this error there are two things you should double check. First, even though the error says email address, it really means username. Changing the email associated with your account via your dashboard does not change your username. So please make sure that you are using your username which would be the original email address your registered your account with, and not the current email address if you changed your email. If you would like to change your username please email the contact email.

Second, the "Account Name" field is case sensitive so make sure you entering your username exactly as you registered it. This is the most common cause for this issue.

If neither of these work please try substituting your UserId that can be found on your dashboard: in place of your username in the account name field, and try to log in.

No Servers in Server List
This is usually because Legends of Aria is blocked by a firewall. Try disabling your firewall then connecting. If that works make sure that Legends of aria is allowed through it.

Another common cause is because you are trying to connect from behind a VPN. The only fix for this currently is disabling your VPN.

Last, make sure that you are using the most recent client. The newest version of the client can always be downloaded at The current client build is 0.7.1.

Other Notes:
1) We do not currently officially support Mac or Linux.
2) The bug report function in game does not page a Game Master. Send us an email if you have an issue.
3) Exploit Reports should be sent through our bug report function in game.
4) Player Reports should go to our email.

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