Treasure Hunting Question

The maps give me for example: "Nort", "South", "NW", and finally "Chest are Nearby". But then i dig on the ground, and nothing happens. I have no messages untill i dig everywhere. It's a bug, or iam doing something wrong?



  • If the treasure is near by, you get messages like "Treasure is not buried here", "Keep digging", etc and piles of dirt appear on the ground; if you're too far from treasure you get a message "Found nothing of interest". Also, make sure that the map is directly in your backpack, not in a pouch or lockbox.

    That being said...

    Some maps are utterly bugged. I've had a map that told me that it was in Crosswords, when I got there instead of giving me the actual direction where it kept thinking I was in some other region and kept insisting "The map points to Crossroads". And I wouldn't be too surprised if there are other such stupid bugs.

    And then there's of course chests that are just in locations that you can't access without teleporting to them.

    I would suggest you try your luck with some other maps and see if you can find the treasures using them.
  • Where to find more Maps,
    What Mobs drop Maps frequently?
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