New Hire: Director of Communications

SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
Hey, everyone :)

I'm Sanya - I've just been hired to be the community weenie around here, along with handling media (which includes streamers), feedback, event planning, and every kind of communication.

The announcement is here:

I don't have the words to explain how excited I am. Just "I'm excited" doesn't begin to cover it. I am going to need a bit of patience from you all as I get going - the game is big and there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting ready to leave beta. There'll be some more to say next week, though, as I find my feet and learn the various tools.

So, yeah! Hello!


  • Hi! Welcome!
  • Sir MurphySir Murphy Crossroads
    edited March 2018
    Welcome Sanya! It's great to have you helping out the game and community!
  • Greetings Sanya,
    Best of luck! :smile:
  • Welcome!

    Good luck!
  • John ChisumJohn Chisum Zombieland
    Now silence has a name...
  • Hi Sanya.
    Prepare for seriuos battles between PvP amd PvE gamers here. You'll be the conflict manager... ^^


  • quijimabobquijimabob Brighton, UK
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Welcome, good to see the team growing
  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    Welcome! Come join the fun when you're ready! :)
  • YorlikYorlik
    Welcome Sanya! I wish you a good start!
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
  • GustafGustaf Danmark
    Welcome :)
  • Hi Sanya. Do you actually play video games or just facilitate communication about them?
  • Sanya from Russia?
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
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    beater07 said:

    Hi Sanya. Do you actually play video games or just facilitate communication about them?

    For what I hope are obvious reasons, I won't go into what games/servers I play these days. I guard my personal time very closely.

    I played D&D and MTG in high school and college. Sword and board fighter, red blast deck, respectively.

    On the computer, I've played every graphical MMO on the market. Single player, I played most of the classics - NWN, System Shock, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc. I've not played too many single player games in the last ten years, which coincidentally is how long I've had kids.

    My guild has been together since 1992, formed in a PK text MUD. (I was a theater production manager then, not a ton of time for gaming and I couldn't afford a computer anyway until I started working more normal jobs in 1997, just in time for UO.) I joined up in EQ because my three housemates were members and they needed another monk to help with corpse retrieval. These days I don't play with them in games I work on in order to avoid even the appearance of favoritism, which is unfortunate for me, because this game is very much in the guild's wheelhouse. (In DAOC, we were on Mordred and I think a bunch of them are still active in EVE.)

    Uh, what else. People who were super into the EQ community might remember my rant site, which I shut down in 2001 when I started working in the industry. It's not so much a secret as it is a lifetime ago, but I mention it up front because the internet is forever and someone always manages to dig up my green-text-on-black cussing fits ;)

    With the exceptions of Fallout and Red Dead Redemption, I prefer playing on the PC to playing on consoles. Mainly it's because I'm not very good at the controller after years of keyboard and mouse, and let's be honest, partly because my reflexes are shit compared to what I was twenty years ago.

    When I don't have a big block of time to game, I enjoy the metagame of arguing on the internet.

    So, that's my background.
  • GrayMouserGrayMouser
    welcome, good to have you. Looking forward to the different PVP/PVE events youll have going in the near future.
  • Wait wait wait...Tweety?
  • SanyaSanya Inside your computer Administrator
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    Aneuren said:

    Wait wait wait...Tweety?

    Hahahaha. This is why I do full disclosure up front.
  • Damn I wish I could like this thread about a thousand times.
  • Welcome and good work ahead.
  • FenrisFenris - [Poland]
    Hello, good to see the team growing :)
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