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Hi Guys, I am new and I do not know where can I mine to raise my crafter, where is the best place?


  • Another question, which is better craft to raise bs?
  • QuasiiQuasii United States
    If you travel WNW from Eldeir village, there is an area called "Freeman Quarry". If you open your map it will be labeled. It is an excellent source of easy to get to ore. Happy mining!
  • Thxx a lot
  • John ChisumJohn Chisum Zombieland
    Or you go To Helm city where the mine is in the city.
  • Only Helm for Blacksmiths. rest is waste of time
  • edited March 2018
    There's one mine I know of not on this map yet, but this shows the location of a lot mines so far: https://imgur.com/i8jxnhU

    Any mines will do just fine though the higher level ones have NPCs/monsters in them so you may or may not want to avoid them.
  • daj180daj180 United States
    Is there a place easy to get to at freeman quarry to refine resources?
  • MhikhailMhikhail United States
    Far and away the best place is helm. I love the look of the Fremen Quarry, but it needs an anvil added.
  • Breca mines. Southwest of Valus. Just find the big mountain on the map and run along the montain until you run in to it..Just run by the orcs in the front. And your gravy.
  • SheermSheerm United States
    There are often Miner assassins in the South west room. Been Pk'd there a number of times . They usually res you but they don't leave you a pick so you can't keep mining . Happens 30% of the time I'd say . Great ore if ya don't mind dying every third trip tho.
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