WTB Strand / Fluffy Cotton / Beast Leather / Spider Silk

Hello everybody! If you want to earn, then picking cotton is what you need.
From fields i need only Strand and Fluffy Cotton
From monsters ... Thread / Fine Thread / Spider Silk / Beast Leather / Carbon

Skype: Hoochara
Discord: #2217


  • 1000 x Strand 1.25 gold
    1000 x Fluffy Cotton=1 gold
    100 x Beast Leather = 1 gold
    100 x Spider Silk= 1 gold
    100x Fine Thread = 3.5 gold

    or offer me price...^_^
  • John ChisumJohn Chisum Zombieland
    edited March 2018
    If you tell me, where threads and beast leather hides can be found, we can talk ;)
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