Carrying multiple horses

Tell me if I’m wrong but I was faction pvping the other day and this guy just kept running from me forever. And I had to waste so much mana just to dismount him. Then I killed his horse so he couldn’t run. Guy summons a new horse right away and runs again. I killed 3 horses before I eventually ran him out of horses.

Being able to summon multiple horses or even carry multiple doesn’t make sense to me. Any thoughts??
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  • You killed all 3 of this persons horses and then you killed them ...then you come here to complain about it? It doesn't sound like there was much of a problem, haha!

    Seriously though, if it were another MMO, the same person would likely just keep summoning the same mount over and over again trying to get away (because mounts don't "die" in a lot of MMO's, they just disappear and often have a very short cool down).

    Mount figurines that you sell to players and carry in your inventory shouldn't be the same mounts that you ride. You shouldn't be able to ride a "figurine." I do agree that this feature might need to be re-visited. It just sounds like an odd complaint to me the way you wrote it. hahaha :P
  • RiskRisk Minnesota
    Sounds like some sort of cool down needs to be in place.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    The "figurine" maybe could be some kind of a "whistle" to call the horse.
  • Or they could increase the weight of the horse. Right now they weigh 1, correct? Perhaps they should weigh 50 or 100. I can't see them changing the figurine model for this game.
  • EviloneEvilone A remote hidden bunker
    I have seen other games address this issue with that same design Azzerhoden, it makes for not abusing this in pvp. Room for one backup horse for weight limits sounds about right imo (ie weight that allows for two horses if you arent' using any for most players).
  • They weigh 10 each
  • U had the opportunity to kill the gain and loot the 2 other horses he was carrying..

    Look from another angle brow.
  • It looks like the nerf is needed for you and not the person who didn't manage to run away even after burning through all those horses.
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