Anyone here from Conan Exiles EA?

Just checking to see if any CE players are testing LOA out and what their thoughts are.


  • I have ~ 5k hours in, 1.7 on my main account.

    It's in EA just like CE is, I'm not sure what you want to know specifically? While they are both sandboxes, these two games are vastly different from one another in some ways.

    I can say this though, the combat is smoother in LoA (not counting the recent combat overhaul in CE), haha!
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    5k? Hard core, :smiley: I only have like around 3.5k myself. I'm not trying to compare the two really but there are some contrasts.

    Yeah the combat is smoother,

    The tethering of mobs here takes a bit of getting used to after having to run from Set city to the North( dead mounds) with an ostrich on my tail or Shackleback in tow. Wolves here are so peaceful:)
  • Yeah, wolves are much friendlier here :)

    Taming here is also much different than breaking thralls in CE. Ha-ha! I haven't tried taming yet but it's what I enjoyed most in UO so it's probably what I'll settle down to do here as well.
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    I just got taming up to the point I can get horses which is pretty handy. Have to wait and see how bards pan out here when they are introduced.

    Would love to have farm thralls though breaking all those insulting farmers in LOA would be awesome to grow cotton and mage mats.
  • I'm still a Community Guru for the Admins United group if you're familiar with them. I don't run my own server anymore though. Are you playing LoA with friends?
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    Yep know about admins united. Playing with another clan member at the moment.- others members are waiting to see what we say.

    We have only played official CE servers now, we were stubborn and refused to play fast servers until about October 2017. Death had to mean something even in PVE for us.

    Thinking at 5k hrs you didn't get much sleep given I know what it took for me to get into the 3k range. Were you playing before the Steam EA? Were you one of the 30 or so players that were there form the beginning?

  • edited February 2018
    I started playing Day 1 of early access on a community (private) server I ran.

    I've played video games for over 100k hours in the past 2 decades, which is more than most but it's also my job. It's not uncommon for me to put in 16-18 hours days, at which rate, over 5k hours in over a year is not difficult to achieve. :)
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    Lol must have a wicked pension plan I envy you.
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