What is the process to host your own server

What is the process to host your own server
Requirements - costs - etc..


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    Recent Desktop System.. (strong Sky/Kaby/Coffee-Lake CPU) - i5/i7 version
    If it´s a dedicated Server you can
    ..host it from a medium specs Desktop at your home (enough to play with some friends)
    ..or rent a server (fastest - best solution if you plan on 10players+)

    Cost depends (see above)

    Theme: up to you
    Staff: up to you
    Modding: decide how much you will change.. (Ruleset, Scripts, Assets..)
    [Tech:] If you decide on renting a dedicated server, better make sure someone of your team understands at least basic frontend/backend stuff.. (ports, security, threads)

    Atm you need Admin status to do it.. so wait for Steam and use the time to create the project with plans, ideas, concepts, etc..
  • Great info thank you

    Was thinking to stay as close to live as possible. Looking for PVE + Guild PVP server rules set

    Current box is 12 core / 64 ram

    but was looking more towards renting, faster support and less worry for me on hardware - more time spent on environment with in game.

    So getting Admin status is key - not too worried about cost - just wanted to get a server going to start experimenting/mods
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    admin pledges are closed now, you'll have to wait for steam release.
  • thnx again all
  • Any update on this now 3/2020?
  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    Still the same status. Running your own server is closed off still.
  • I keep waiting for them to open it up. I dont have experience running a server, but im willing to learn, that is for sure. As it stands I dont have a chance to play with it. Why dont they just open it up? In my case the server would be based in Australia and right now Aussies and Kiwis have to suffer through ping that they shouldn't. Id be doing the community a service.
  • They're busy on making new content while they still haven't launched for STEAM. Its really sad
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