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Curious, how do guilds recruit? I get random invites just about everyday. But are there any guilds that are selective in recruiting or is it generally just invite every un tagged person you see?


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    atm guild is more like a permanent group ;)
    needs much more time to be called feature.. lol

    Not sure it will happen before Steam.. CS has not confirmed any info regarding the roadmap after CB2 yet
  • InfernoInferno Devils Of Kimone
    yeah im looking for a guild because i like to pvp. I have gmed in the past but not sure im wanting to put that kind of time commitment in. On the same note i dont want to join some huge zerg guild i prefer quality over quantity but hey were only in Beta so prob doesnt matter. I personally think theres something to be said about a small tight knit guild that can cause havok. The larger zerg guilds typically have a couple good players but the rest are cannon fodder as they say finding strength in numbers haha.
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    @Inferno absolutely! Zerg is a way to start as a noob, but to be successful you need to be able to clear any content.. and that means strategy and tactics should be at your disposal ;)
    8-20 is a good size to me, especially if most have some dungeon/group/raid-experience from other games - usually they adapt fast... everything else is the standard fleet/guild/clan-stuff you know yourself^^
  • gwarthamgwartham Devils of Kimone
    Consider it the "WoW" effect.

    I've always been all about small, tight knit groups, wreaking havok against zerg guilds.

    P.S. Inferno, I got your PM, I'll try and hook up with ya tomorrow, Dracos doesn't speak for the guild, so anyway lets talk and see if you would be a good fit.

  • Whats your discord inferno?
  • new player on azure sky server, looking for a guild to join
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