CB1 Hotfix 2/2 Patch Notes

SupreemSupreem United States Administrator
edited February 2018 in Straight from the Citadel
- Fixed using bandages to revive dead players (Requires at least 80 skill in both healing and vigor)
- Removed beneficial barrier on bandages.
- Fix item categories for woodsmith
- Fix multiple items getting equipped when switching templates at character creation
- Fix items appearing behind the coffin when opening player corpses
- Fix catacombs walls
- New weapons will have the proper Attack value in the tooltip
- Adjust Contempt Demon Lord loot / stats
- Added channeling skill gain check while actively focusing (mana regen)
- Changed the way cotton spawns in Eldier Village
- Added dynamic cotton farm to Pyros Landing
- Fixed autorestart spamming system message
- Players can no longer be mounted while harvesting resources
- Catacombs guards will not actively attack reds
- Stablemaster should restock horses reliably


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