Teiravon Roleplayers

Hey guys. After trying a few different community servers, Teiravon seemed to be the most stable technically, and had some great admins so that's now my main server. Plenty of RPers there, and looking for more. If you're interested in an RP server, or already play on Teiravon, send me a PM and hopefully we can play together. ^^


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I just tried it yesterday, very nice people.
  • DominusDominus I always start my day with a Special K, for breakfast.
    I think they used to run a UO server previously. Very experienced team, and shows with a good vibe to the people playing on there.
  • Tried it, like it - keep up the good work
  • DaggothDaggoth United States
    Holy crap, that's a name I haven't seen in a while.
  • Hey Daggoth how yah been.
  • harconjjharconjj Phylactery
    Hey hey! Once I get my access code I'll be hopping on!
  • I'm currently testing out Teiravon but so far it doesn't stand out from Official that much. We'll see how things are at launch.
  • Hello!

    I'm enjoying my time on Teiravon greatly. I highly endorse to join us.

    And if you're interested cult/order-style of RP...

    Got something for you;
    Guardians of the Eternal Fire

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