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Hail fellow Legends,

As you may have noticed healing has once more been changed.
-Bandages now instantly heal for a large amount of health, and have a 13 second cooldown.
-Using a bandage while poisoned greatly reduces the effectiveness of the bandage.
-Salve as it was before has been removed
-Salve now functions as gauze did previously
-Gauze is now useless

I have several important questions.

1. Compare 'Healing' now with 'Manifestation.' If a person can only have one or the other are they balanced?
2. Is it intuitive to use? Meaning put yourself in the shoes of a new player, and think "Does this quickly make sense?"
3. Is the healing from bandages too easy to prevent? or too hard to prevent?
4. Finally, Do you like it?
5. There is no five, but please feel free to leave any other feedback.

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  • just from reading this.. Bandages instant heal now? no apply-time ? holy*'#!...
    1. they will never be balanced (many reasons)
    2. depends what kind of player you get.. noob=happy ..experienced pvpers=uneasy
    3. too easy if you stealth in or rush in.. otherwise depends on distance and dmg-output during timeframe
    4. for PvE it works.. for PvP unbalanced and will directly be countered by KoS/Rush-1hit-strategies where it does not matter how much a target can heal ;D

    5. hrmm.. I do really hope to see more innovation again. Bad combat systems = player base drops after 2-3month down to the bottom
  • CB_TesterCB_Tester wronk@mail.ru
    edited March 2018
    1. ATM there is no analogs for healing, it's op, and that's the main and the only way to heal urself in game. Healing with spell - only in case if u need to heal someone.
    2. In UO u just cut every cloth to bandages w/o any scraps and crafting period, heal urself and gain skill. Gain healing while craft bandages... its something new for my mind )
    3. The only way to prevent it - have poison spell in hands and drop it, when u think that enemy gonna heal. But it's the only way to cut some OP - i even can't call this prevent )
    4. That's shit. All PVP is like - can u kill guy during this 13sec, if no - try one more time. How many fight 10min+ i had becouse of that.. very sad..

    Now my ideas about that.
    1) If u want to have selection between manifistation and bandages - only way is to make sililar mechanic with different profit in different situation.
    For example:
    - I can heal myself spending 11 mana and gain 200hp in 3sec being paralized with risk of fizzle;
    - I can heal myself with bandage, gain 130hp in 3 sec but i can move (not attack or cast spells);
    2) U need to integrate bandage mechanic in game (like i said in example - with this mechanic u need to PLAN bandage heal), couse right now it's just like button which can restore u full hp. U can attack, u can cast, u can do anything - nothin stops u from pushing this button. I think the idea of cooldown on bandage needs to go away, player should choose - continue battle, or stop and heal for a bit.
    3) U need to go away from impulse heal like now - push, and u got + 400hp in moment. HOT mechanic could help, fast apply mechanic with not so huge heal bonus.
    4) Healing makes this game 500 statcap, becouse hero without it loose the most powerfull buff in game. But in other case u don't even need to raise this to GM if u have small hp pool - u got no fizzles even @ 0 skill, u got no random in healed amount.. u just press button and got full hp.
  • OuijaOuija Canada
    I agree timed bandages depending on agility (dex) is usualy the way to go. you may need to tinker with the inflation of health bars in the game to get a longer battle able to happen to apply them.
  • OuijaOuija Canada
    Heal by time/agility %health of dmg taken/poisen blocks heal but cures poisen.

    MAges should also need to cure a poisen before being able to casting another healing spell on themselves.
  • NazgulNazgul World First GM Animal Tamer
    Bandages are too overpowered now.
    Cooldown is too short and it heals enormous amount. 1x1 duels are endless because of that...
  • Nazgul said:

    Bandages are too overpowered now.
    Cooldown is too short and it heals enormous amount. 1x1 duels are endless because of that...

    +1 Totally agree bandages are overpowered compared to mage heal, with bandage you can run and heal, with heal spell you need to stop running/attacking/casting for 4 sec then heal, in this 4 seconds anything could happen like stun or mortal wound skill and healing is stopped or you can simply fizzle and it is game over :P
  • in a 2v1 situation u really have to work to open the window to kill the guy, cos the bandages are powerfull, if he also has manifestation he becomes soo hard to kill untill he rans out of mana. I can imagine 1v1 going for hours untill someone runs out of bandages, it seems theres little dps output compared to survavility, im not sure tho, got a good 3v3 fight and people is killable but our mague was holding his ass like he was a tank with 3 people focusing him, cos bandages are so powerfull, im not sure maybe they were timing theyre skills wrong, if u time them well u can open windows for a kill, but it feels like that, hard to do, 1v1 gonna be hard to end
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