Unable to enter access code

Just created account, bought the $40 package and downloaded game. Trying to log in for the first time and I cannot enter the access code on the right top corner. I can't copy paste or write it manually, letters (or cursor) just won't appear after I click on the "Enter Access Code" button. What's the problem here?


  • TokistanTokistan United States
    Same issue.
  • YorlikYorlik www.arcanima.org
    Are you playing on MAC? If yes, make sure you have the corefonts installed.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    If playing on Mac or Linux, you need corefonts.
    If playing on 4K screen you need to scroll top right.
  • Same issue here. Can't paste or type in my access code. Is there a parameter that can be passed when launching LoA?
  • The GUI and the access code field are not in alignment. Press TAB and it will cycle through the clickable buttons.
  • Just use the keyboard to paste. Then join our server: Legends of Ultima (server: 5040)
  • Neekos, no servers are showing when the game searchs.
  • TyrusTyrus United States
    I had to reduce my display settings down to 1920 x 1080 and then the entry code field finally allowed me to cut/paste the code into it.
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