How do I play

StevroStevro Perth, Australia
just pledged, installed, pressed play, no servers show up. what am i doing wrong here.
Someone please help a new player out here!!



    Type that into the address bar
  • StalwartStalwart United States
    Official servers went down. You have to find a private server like the one above.
  • DragonlordDragonlord Miami, FL, USA
    What servers are currently active?
  • StalwartStalwart United States
    edited October 2017 works for me. They have a really high spawn rate there and a few minor changes. Like using bandages raises healing.
  • StevroStevro Perth, Australia
    Thanks Guys, :)
  • :5002 is strong roleplay though. Not really looking for that. Will be glad to see beta start so I can get on a dev run server.
  • YorlikYorlik
    @Joel Arcanima (5002) is not just "strong roleplay". Don't talk about us if you don't really understand the concept. Arcanima is a hybrid with RP, yes, but if you understand the minimum requirements you can have a lot of fun with PvP mechanics too (we call it CvC - Character vs. Character = roleplayed PvP).
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    strong roleplay looks like a compliment to me :smiley:
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