"Instant access"...

DondexDondex morten@broeste.dk
Bought the game, no KEY and no download link in the dashboard. Come on!


  • Me too! Have your u received anything :)?
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Write email to Citadel, it's the fastest way to solve it.
  • DondexDondex morten@broeste.dk
    I wrote an e-mail to them, but no response yet. Giving them until the end of the day, then I will contact Paypal and have then cancel the payment.
  • Same problem here, payment and registration is fine. Account says "Customer" with no key on dashboard... Sent an email but no response yet. It is a bit disappointing since my holidays are passing by and the so called instant access is just not instant. It seems to be a regular problem because it happens quite often, just a pity that citadel is not giving any info to it.
    Still looking forward to play.
  • Same problem here. I bought the 75$ pack and was expecting the instant access.. but guess instant access mean something else where I live.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Be sure you login in the forums AND with shards. You should see both options when trying to login to the forum. Maybe logging out and rebooting browser first could help.
  • Just wanted to say i'm fine by now ^^
    Thanks to the CitadelTeam.
  • jeffrojeffro jeffrotheswellis@gmail.com
    Hello just bought the 40$ pack and cant find where to download the game or log into shards?

    "AND with shards" .....not sure what this means?
    Thanks i payed uo 19 years ago and absolutely loved it. i don't know how i have never heard about this game and am eager to play :D
  • jeffrojeffro jeffrotheswellis@gmail.com
    i even took the day off to play.
  • NocturnNocturn Arch-Necromancer
    The client download is on your dashboard. You can find the direct ips on the forums or jump in the community discord https://discord.gg/3jTsxg
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    I have a strange problem. I have got access code but cannot enter it into the upper window. Just nothing happens when i try to enter my code. Any idea guys how to solve this ? Already write email to citadel but no answer yet.
  • CrazyGuyCrazyGuy Seattle, WA
    Yeah are you running 4k by chance?

    If so, click up and to the right of the box until you see a cursor, then enter your key. I had the same issue running 4k mode.
  • I have the same logging problem. The mouse is stuck with the small server screen flashing. unable to click on anything.
  • People keep referring to "your dashboard". What is that exactly. I too have just pledged and have no idea where to actually download the game from.
  • NO donwload link and log code into dashboard. how can i fix???
  • People keep referring to "your dashboard". What is that exactly. I too have just pledged and have no idea where to actually download the game from.

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    same here, waiting support email, facebook, forums ... if i cant play atleast my refund.
    To know where download the game you need an hour reading the forum to find the "super hidden dashboard"

    if you do not want people login now be honest and remove it from the sale.
    Or at least let us know: you are going to buy an access to an alpha but you can not enter the alpha.

    the feeling is abandoned.
    our guild loves the project we are fans of Ultima but it gives the sensation of another game failed more.
    the lack of support in this type of games makes people very reluctant to join.
  • I received twice now via two accounts two emails (pledged twice and cant play for two weeks) - it was a family gift and today we have 6th of december - so i failed also my promise and i come today again too late to work.

    i received Citadel Studios Payment Receipt - confirmation i payed via paypal.
    [Legends of Aria Forums] Welcome Aboard! - registration.

    I logged into dashboard via manually! entering the link in browser https://www.legendsofaria.com/dashboard

    dashboard opens but only displays redeem a code.

    I created screenshots and discussed these with different people on different discord channels - no solution - it seems to look different for their view as the download client link is missing and the code is missing which is needed to play.

    Im lost and dont know any further how to solve this.
  • Additionally i verified the access of dashboard via three different browsers (mozilla, chrome, ie) and checked if 'popupblocker is active = no!).

    Under the 'order field' next to dashboard i receive only: You successfully purchased alpha - tell your friend with a receipt.

    I dont have a 'play key' which someone mentioned i need to have to access a server additionally to a missing download link.
  • gaditanogaditano spain
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    this is a shame. if you continue like this you will kill the players, 0 support, 0 response to emails and 0 organization. Very good idea, very good game but 0 organization
  • Miphon_CSMiphon_CS Citadel Team Administrator
    We're currently working on issues which have recently come to light on our website and apologise for the inconvenience. They will be resolved soon.

    You can also contact us at contact@citadelstudios.net to launch a ticket and we will let you know once the issue has been resolved.
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