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Is there a list of private shards that are up and running right now outside of the official alpha servers?

I've played on Arcanima, which is 5002 I think. I like the people I've met but it's EU and has some restart issues that kind of kill it during US prime-time pretty often. Also tried one that is 5009, can't remember the name... But it kind of seemed like a ghost town. Never really ran in to anyone.

Just curious if there are more communities to see before Alpha 3 drops on Sept. 21st.

Only about 8 days in and I'm really enjoying the game so far!


  • I just ordered the game and would love to hop onto a server with some active players. Is there an official discord server as well?
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    hey folks,

    afaik there are currently 4 community servers running:
    - arcanima (rp and as mentioned server is located in Germany, but also people from australia are playing on that with no problem afaik)
    - teiravon also rp
    - Dark Haven (pvp)

    - a new one is "best know garbage" (vanilla)
    it started short time ago, i have no info on that.

    once world of shards was also there, but its down currently.

    @scals the main discord server is its some sort "official"/"inofficial" its not run by CS but devs are also there. Players are responsible for that discord server.
    Community servers have also their own discord servers.

    afaik there is also a bug where regions "shutdown" or are not reachable from time to time and the admins need to restart or something
  • Thanks @Kell, really appreciate it. I tried a couple of those shards earlier this morning and it said they were starting up or something. Will try again another time.
  • @scals maybe they were restarting or the bug i mentioned occured again.
  • @Kell Thank you! I hadn't heard of Dark Haven or "Best know garbage" before! I'll check them out today!

    I would also like to mention that when Arcanima is up (which really is most of the time, just not during my normal playtimes), I don't have any latency or any other problems with that server playing in the US even though its hosted in Germany. I've met quite a few US players as well, there is definitely a growing community there.

    @scals I don't think there is an "official" server, as @kell said, there are some devs in the semi-official server he linked. I think there is an official IRC channel or something though...? I seem to remember seeing something about that in one of the FAQs on the main site.

  • as of the irc i think thats old. never heard of it.
  • Aeso WondahAeso Wondah
    Hiya gang !

    I am new to all this, are those the only available servers currently? I tried to get on the pvp on and it was not available.

  • RazonRazon Toronto, Canada
    You forgot 5040 -
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    Legends of Ultima

    LoA Italia

    How to connect:
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    ima li bulgari v tazi igra ?

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