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Who we are - and what we're about - where we see this all going:

* A shard administered by core staff with nearly 20 years of experience.
* A living breathing world, where your deeds and actions matter.
* You can shape the story. Control a town. Create an empire.
* Customized races, unique skills and factions systems.

Not your father's MMO. Roleplay environment but friendly. PVP allowed - wholesale murder/griefing is not. Unique land masses will be added in the near future. Make your mark in a community that is taking an individual approach and empowering the player.

Join the elite. Claim your place. Enter - Teiravon.


  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Patch Notes:
    Shards Ver: 3.5
    Patch Date: 9/22/16

    • Updated Teiravon to Shards Ver 3.5
    • Updated tool tips for the custom spells to be more RPish and fun.

    User Interface
    • Updated the new skill menu to work with Teiravon. Only skills relevant to your class
    will display. Your class abilities will always display, you no longer have to click a
    skill to find your abilities. However Skill Specific abilities will still be found under
    the skill by clicking it. Such as Stealth and Pick Pocket.
    • Updated Ability Window so custom spells now appear locked until you reach the proper
    • Updated Char Generation Menu, the new patch screwed it up. Added new class symbols
    above the buttons for each class.
    • Added Level Button to Character Window, removed old Attributes system and cleaned up the display.

    • Elves, Dwarves and Humans now have different heights and shapes.
    • Added Buff and Debuff Support for custom spells

    • Addressed a bug that would cause shade step to continue to drain mana through death.
    • Addressed a bug that allowed necros to cast while invisible.
    • Addressed a bug causing Specter Form to not properly shift.
    • Fixed Specter Form so it reverts the player back to the proper race scale.

    • Removed Stealth Delay, and the Shadow smoke Effect.
    • Any armor above leather or carrying a shield will now not let you stealth.
    • You can no longer stealth in combat.
    • At max stealth (100) skill you will move 30% faster when stealthed.
    • At max stealth skill there is no longer a cool down after leaving stealth.
    • Cheap Shot now stuns the target for five seconds when used from stealth.
    • Added a effect to evasion.

    • Combat Stances are now Warrior only and available at level 3
    • Enrage now triggers more often and is received at level 2 down from 10.
    • Updated the visual for the Last Stand ability.
    • Fixed a bug were using Devastating blow would cause you to be unable
    to attack

    • Addressed small bugs related to skill gain in class system.
    • Addressed issue with CharGen not functioning properly in new shards version.
    • Removed the god tags from Staff titles and fixed /gm command.

    A Taste Of Things To Come...

    New Systems:

    • Language System
    The Language System will be a chat related function that will give each playable
    race a distinct language. It does not stop there, however, as certain npcs will also
    have their own languages they can speak. Books in specific languages will also be
    an aspect of this system. Currently the planned way for you to be able to learn a
    new language is to either hear it and gain skill slowly over time or through
    researching. But we are still working out those details.

    • Mage Class
    The Mage class will be joining us this patch with a wide array of custom spells.
    The class will do its best to make you feel fully immersed in the role and life
    of a Mage.

    • Party and Quest Exp
    We are going to be upgrading the party system to work with our experience
    system. So if someone in your party kills a monster and you did not hit it you
    still gain exp. Furthermore since we would like to see players working
    together there will be an experience bonus for being partied with someone. We are
    also adding in experience rewards for completing quests as well.

    Story and Lore:

    • Custom Dialog
    We will be bringing custom dialog into the world and replacing alot of the
    Shards lore with our own to help fully immerse the players in our world
    and rich lore.

    • Custom Quests
    We will be adding more quests at a hopefully steady rate as we progress
    through this build that will be both fun and help immerse the player into
    our world.

    • Unrailed Adventuring
    Perhaps the feature we are most excited about bringing to our shard is a experience of adventure that is not tied to the rails of quests like most games. We will be adding content to the game that you will have to find on your own. There will be powerful artifacts to find, hidden quests and items and secrets and spells!
    To give a better example: there may be ways to combine or use items for crafting to make a new item or metal or substance that is not immediately found through normal means. There could a very subtle hint in an npcs random speech that leads to a secret item. There could be a secret in one of the myriad lore books that we have that leads to one clue, then to another and another to gain a powerful artifact. The point is there will be secrets, we will add them continually. There will be no warning tips or confirmation. It will be up to the player to discover the many secrets and enjoy the adventure of finding these rarities on your own. A story of your own, not a quest that guides you.

    To top this all off, there will be hidden classes and races as well that can only be unlocked through certain means.

    • Bug Reporting and Feedback Benefits Program:
    So in a effort to give players something fun to do and reward them for helping us improve our shard we are doing are going to do a program right now. People who actively help us by reporting bugs and giving us detailed feedback on our systems will be able to receive special rewards. This can include special classes, Advanced Races, or fun and interesting trinkets. As always we appreciate the help and support of all our players.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Patch Notes:
    Shards Ver: 3.5b
    Patch Date: 9/29/16

    WebPage: www.Teiravon.com

    • Updated Warrior class page and should now properly reflect the in game abilities.

    • Changed Charge stun to 2 seconds, the stun now prevents mob from attacking
    during this time. Added additional special effects to this ability. No longer
    increases crit chance, or increases next hits damage and removed the CD on the
    • Changed Furious Strikes to do 1.5x weapon damage down from 2x. Dropped Stamina
    count to 20 from 40.
    • Removed Cleave
    • Added Charging Leap (Level 13) - Leap into combat damaging enemies in the area
    where you landed.
    • Added Shockwave - Ram your blade into the floor causing a shockwave stunning
    targets within the blast area.

    • Added Shadow Step(Level 2) a ranged backstab attack that deals 10-50%
    of current health upon attack based upon skill level of Stealth and Piercing
    Skills. Stuns the target for 5 seconds. Requires to be in stealth to be used.

    SatelliteMind December 2016
    Please share your scripts when this game goes public lol. Particularly the leveling system and all

    Gkorjax December 2016
    This looks awesome! I"m looking for a more traditional fantasy experience, more like NWN and this looks very promising!
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    October 2016
    Join us for some Halloween fun! Staff will be hanging about on Saturday at 4:00 PM EST and off and on other times all weekend. The Captain of the Guard has received a troubling letter....


    Given time – even truth may be rendered fiction. This is the curse of our mortality, for men are short
    lived and what they possess by way of memory passes with them. It is for this reason that I fear my
    missive will be seen as hoax or joke – but I assure you my dear captain of the guard, I chuckle not. Know
    now that I am not a man awash in his cups. The words I convey come from a mind that is sound and a
    hand that is steadfast and sure. It is my soul that quakes with fear – for it is the part of me that is at
    stake. And thus, it is that part of us all that is endangered....

    Read full story on Teiravon... www.teiravon.com And we are available on discord.teiravon.com
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Patch Notes:
    Shards Ver: 3.5b
    Patch Date: 12/20/2016

    • fixed the Leveling System so it properly displays the correct abilities for rogues and warriors.

    • Fixed Charge as it was taking its stamina usage twice, also filtered down its cost.
    • Fixed Furious Strikes so it no longer uses stamina if you are too far away.

    • Fixed Shadow Step so you can no longer use it on yourself
    • Fixed Shadow Step so that it does the correct damage output.
    • Fixed an issue where rogue skills were not given at their correct levels.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Shards Ver: 4.0
    Patch Date: 1/12/17

    Note: Although the class changes are new they are not yet final as we are in our alpha stage, things are likely to change and be re-balanced as time progresses. Please report any balance issues or concerns and bugs to us so we may address them! Please utilize the in-game bug reporting system, or the bug reporting feature on our website.

    Website: www.Teiravon.com
    • Now has multiple guides up that explains how to play on Teiravon and our features.
    • Class section has been updated to reflect the below class changes.

    • Rewrote the leveling system so it operates smoother, added support so that pets will not give you
    exp as well if you do not hit the monster at all.
    • Adjusted skill menu to include Class Section, you can now find all your class abilities in this area.
    • Removed the Regeneration based skills as they do not fit into Teiravon's current system.

    • Adjusted stances to now give you stamina and threat based upon stance (See Class Section on site.)
    • Added multiple new abilities to the Warrior class (See Class Section on site.)

    • Added multiple new abilities to the Rogue class(See Class Section on site.)
    • Adjusted Stealth so that you can now re-stealth after not taking damage for six seconds

    • Gave necromancer pets new abilities (See Class Section on site.)
    • Added multiple new abilities to the Necromancer class (See Class Section on site.)
    • Added Cannibalism to pets which allows you to feast upon dead corpses to restore pet health.

    • Mages are now unlocked and usable and come with 22 new custom spells.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Patch Notes:
    Shards Ver: 4.0
    Patch Date: 1/16/17

    • Fixed a issue causing monsters not to be fully stunned by shockwave.
    • Adjust messages on Sword and Board in hopes of tracking down a strange bug.

    • Fixed an issue with Cannibalize that would allow it to be used on the living.
    • Made it so Cannibalize no longer consumes the corpse.
    • Fixed a issue that was preventing players from equipping armor on the skeleton pet.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the player to attack their own pet after summoning it.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Patch Notes:
    Shards Ver: 4.0
    Patch Date: 1/21/17

    Note: Although the class changes are new they are not yet final as we are in our alpha stage, things are likely to change and be re-balanced as time progresses. Please report any balance issues or concerns and bugs to us so we may address them! Please utilize the in-game bug reporting system, or the bug reporting feature on our website.

    • fixed a issue causing rogues not to be able to use skills with autotarget turned off.

    • fixed a issue causing warriors not to be able to use skills with autotarget turned off.

    • fixed a few back-end issues to make things more efficient.
    • Fixed a few spells that were not casting correctly.

    • fixed a few back-end issues to make things more efficient.
    • Fixed a few spells that were not casting correctly.
    • Fixed a icon for the spell that was not properly displaying.
    • Added a few sounds to some spells that needed it.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    I played for a while with a bard, the system looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work!
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    edited June 2017
    Wow thank you @Sacha !!!
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    edited June 2017
    Currently running SA...at cluster1.shardsonline.com:5009
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    We are up and running the new LoA server code. For now, we are vanilla. But not your regular vanilla. This is extra fancy Madagascar Vanilla Bean hand-picked-by-pixies vanilla. With Espresso chips.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    edited December 2017
    --Remount Command - /remount will automatically put you back on your horse (within a range) It's a convenience shortcut for gatherers and such, the first time you type it it will dismount you, after that it will automatically remount you on your last mount.
    --Tame and Release Commands - Added new /tame and /release commands, shortcuts for the radial menu options.
    --Cloning System - Possession on Steriods (GM tool)
    --Combo Lock Interface - Puzzle lock that players have to figure out clues to open
    --XSay Command - Command NPCs to say whatever you want (GM tool)
    --The Almighty Telecrook - (GM tool)
    --Monologue System - Program NPCs to say strings of dialogs that are timed (GM tool)
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    edited December 2017
    --Wagon Lines - Player fast travel network
    --Global Whod - List players online across all regions (GM tool)
    --Player reward system - reward players for reimbursement after a wipe
    --Wagon Deco - Customized the wagon master stations
    --Bandit Camp Quest - Custom event based on clues found in key areas
    --MIGRATION TO 5.0 - Conversion of 4.9 code
    --Update/fixes to all tools
    --Master Cluster Controller Hook - Add more functionality to the cluster tools package, abstracting
    much of the previous functionality of GetAllPlayerData.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    edited December 2017
    --Assorted fixes to vanilla code
    --Adjustments to magic and controllers for 0.5.1b
    --Stability Fixes
    --Cotton and Strand Tweaks
    --Reward Script Tweaks
    --Pack Animals - Packhorses are now for sale at the Upper Plains and Valus stables. Pack horse primer:
    • We don't have another other than horse models, so they look like horses, only slightly smaller.
    • They don't spawn in the wild, they can only be purchased from stable masters, and they cost 15 silver.
    • They can't be mounted.
    • You can open their pack with either normal interaction (single left click) or selecting "Open Pack" from the context menu (right click or Alt click depending on settings).
    • You can drag items right on to the horse if you don't want to keep the bag open.
    • They hold 400 stones.
    • They can be killed (though it is a crime, like attacking any other pet) and once killed can be looted by anyone.
    • They cannot be dismissed or released unless their pack is empty.

    --2H Blunt Secondary Ability
    • Changed the secondary ability for 2H blunt weapons to Knock (3 second daze; was previously supposed to be Follow Through, -20 stamina from target, but was not functioning due to a typo).
    --Crafting Success Overhaul
    • New crafting success formula that yields between 15-25% higher success chance, depending on the difficulty of the item.
    • You now lose a random amount of materials on crafting failure, rather than all of them.
    • Recipes are now never consumed on failure.
    • The recipe for Thread should now properly yield Thread, instead of Charcoal that says it is "Thread".
    • The recipe for Crook should now properly yield a Crook, instead of nothing.
    • Fixed the game's inability to calculate a sell value for packed items (craftable furniture and such).
    • Fixed a bug with sell values not being reduced to compensate for the fact that the items were created in stacks. (Sorry everyone who's been selling arrows!)
    • The miners banded together and constructed a forge in the quarry.
    --Faction Additions and Changes
    • Factions have been expanded, there are more to choose from. The best way to work it is to have each guild in a separate faction.
    • PvP between Factions is allowed anywhere except sanctuary areas (you'll know you're in one because it will allow no combat whatsoever)
    • PvP between Factions vs non-faction, and non-faction vs non-faction is allowed in FFA areas
    • Non-faction players do not have to join guilds or feel compelled to participate in PvP
    • Players can create guilds and NOT join a faction
    • IF you choose a faction, you are consenting to open PvP. Please only do so if you understand the risks.
    --Merchant hirelings now spawn in Valus near the notice board.
    --House Control
    --Houses can now be controlled by all characters on the owner's account.
    --Houses can now be re-deeded from the house sign.
  • Server appears to be running, but is it maintained or active?

    Nothing here in over a year. Reddit and website haven't had any activity in almost as long.
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    Yes it is maintained and yes it is active :P The reddit account was created just yesterday and everything on it is new. Reddit was forging new ground, I'm not really all that familiar with it. But we'll keep the articles autoposting there from the website. :)

    I guess we should catch up on progress in this thread :P I'll post some of our recent updates :) Thanks for dusting off the thread @turboICE :)
  • edited January 4
    Glad to hear that, will have to check in.

    Must have been someplace else, I thought I saw some older material on reddit a couple days ago.

    And four new news articles on the website now, sorry if I woke anyone from a slumber :)
  • TihraLahnTihraLahn www.teiravon.com
    You probably saw old stuff that was posted to LoA... :)

    The dragon has awoken....
  • MhikhailMhikhail United States
    I'm playing on the server. Low population currently, but new people each day. The staff are quite active, both in working on things and talking in the discord channel. From what I can tell, most websites are very quiet because everyone is using discord.

    Quite a few little changes to the server, and more coming. I was experimenting with using the new fast travel system they have, and traveling around the roads using wagon masters.
  • Been playing here for more than two weeks now, gotta say, its an awesome server / awesome community.

    I highly endorse to join us.

    (even if you're from EU like me)

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