Palanai Server: Campaign Guide

Hey everybody!

Back in early 2015 we started working on the custom Campaign Setting for our community server. With this preview version of our Campaign Guide, we are sharing our work with more than a handful of people for the first time. Hopefully you will all enjoy reading it, and get excited to join us on our community server when we launch later in the new year.

All feedback to help us improve this setting is not only welcome but sought.

As a note, this is the player version of the Campaign Guide. There is a lot of information in the GM / Designer version of it that elaborates on background material. So certain things are only hinted at or even complete omitted so that the players will be able to discover them through the stories in game.

Hope you enjoy,

- Download PDF (DeviantArt)
- Download PDF (MediaFire)
- Palanai Forums


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