What original UO Shard are you from?



  • The Plonk brothersThe Plonk brothers Australia
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    With OrB on Oceania (2001-2004), though I did visit Chessy to see their RP awesomeness.
  • I'm really surprised I couldn't find an old thread about this. Anyways, I played LS 97-'00. Mostly played an Anti-PK running around chasing reds, mostly losing. Had some fun in the factions as a true brit, at one point I had top 5 points on the shards in the factions.

    First online game. Had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. Didn't know what a PK was. Later on had an awesome fun time hunting them in the Lost Land with group and team of dragons. Ran across the famous Pker Adam Ant one time.

    Napa/Legends/Siege Perilous. Left after they release UO:R
  • Drachenfels and Europa. X-shard trade as well.
  • CenturionCenturion United Kingdom
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    Europa 99 - 09 (Had a few breaks here and there)
    Characters - Centurion, Pale Rider, Ocho, Hatchet, Punisher... a lot more as I had 5 accounts.

    The people I remember most- Tank, Nightdreamer, Sito.

    Currently playing UO Demise Freeshard.
  • Atlantic
    Beowulf Thormear
    Dormack Shander
    Tons more...like 5-6 accounts worth. But those were the mains.

  • Atlantic!
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  • AspetraAspetra USA, Maine - Verdant Earth
    Atlantic Shard, played from 1998 to 2001. Was always in the guild Champions of Greyhawk (COG) and was the GM of it for a little while.
    Aspetra, Daystar, Despyre were my toons.
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    Beta, ATL until EUROPA shard opened => 2006, then paid to 2010, lost tower, all my rares items and accounts around that time. Played with LoL, 8C guild.

    Can't wait to start playing, but need to find a non-mac computer first^^
  • Came from Hakuto myself.

    The friend who got me into the game never explained that it was mostly people from other countries :) I think it made the rest of us English-speakers a bit closer though.

    Good times.
  • JoxxJoxx United States
    Atlantic and baja 98-06
  • Chesapeake baby! [C!] and [BiC]. Played from 98'-04'

    Good times.
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
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    UO Player: January 2001 - April 2012 / Main Character: Demon Slayer, Demonic Disaster
    Shard: Chesapeake, Lake Austin
    Notable Guilds: CIB, FS!, $*L, !C!, BiC, DK, X, SHE, VAMP
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
    Nocturn said:

    @Francis @Sargon @graham @Zag @Nogo @Dread Lord @DGProphet

    I've been looking for some old friends from Chessy and I wondered if you all might know any of the players behind the characters from those days; Connor Macleod, Wizard of Id, Fawne Goldynhart, Lilith, Abysnthe, Dupre, Lady Crystal Rose, Govannon Mac Lyr, and Lady Talia.

    I'd love to get in touch with the old community and see them around again.

    some of those players till play believe it or not, Gareth ran paxlair for a long time and could get in touch with them for you, he still plays as well
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
    Azora said:

    Chesepeake mainly. The only name I can remember was my dexxer character Boba Fett. Mostly played during Renaissance but a little while after as well.
    I could be found in Bucs Den or Moonglow, usually naked carrying a blessed silver Vanq short spear or Valorite Runic Lg battle axe depending on the timeframe.
    Man those were good times, I think I was 15, 16?

    think i remember you, I played on chessy as Demon Slayer back in the day, always using an axe
  • DemonicDisasterDemonicDisaster United States
    Alki said:

    Chesapeake baby! [C!] and [BiC]. Played from 98'-04'

    Good times.

    whats goin on Alki, i remember you for sure
  • Omen_TailamontOmen_Tailamont Washington D.C.
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    Has the Catskills RP Community found a home here yet?

    Omen Tailamont >H<
    The Hand of Treachery

    “The only way to make good is to be bad.”
  • Legends
  • Chesapeake from December of 1997 until trammel and felucca were introduced. I now play Legends of Aria with the same nerfed build, pure warrior no magic at all. I had 670 ping from Athens.

    I miss you Omega Knights!

    Amael the mace fighter

  • I played on Europa, around 2000-02 then again later around 2006-10 and inbetween on and off.

    I ran a shop in Luna on the later side and went by the name Rupert Avery :)
  • SawoSawo Finland
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    Eupper 98-02
  • ModocModoc West Coast

    Tarsus Tokewell, Enki, Mr Bean

    Vino, my long lost bro! Where are you?
  • DontTazeMeBroDontTazeMeBro United States
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    Started on Catskills in '99, my main was Chris Jericho (fencer) then left and started over on Lake Superior in late 2000. My mains on there were Huggles (healing mage) and Method Man (mage/thief). I mainly ran with a thieves guild called Takers Of Loot (TOL), specifically with a player named Tenchu and his cousin (think his char was Jordan or something) and with another guy named Redman. Just about all of our guild had alts in my guild called P!K.

    Me and some of the TOL gang later ran with some guys named Gideon, Silk and Great Melinko (cannot remember the name of their guild to save my life - think it was DDT?) and I ended up moving to WoW, Star Wars Galaxies, DAoC, back to UO, etc. with some of those guys and was in Evil Empire with them raising hell and pissing people off.
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    I played on Atlantic Shard, i think it was 98 to 2002 when EverQuest released.
    Played MadCat, a Mage, Member of the Guild "Brothers in Honor" with Mahja, Firebal, FallenAngel and man more.

    Also Played Jazz, Fencer an spend many time in the "Yew Newbie School" cant remeber any Names of those Members.

    Goal was to train new Players to make the start a bit better
  • UndersaltedUndersalted United States
    Is no one from legends????

    Eruopa, LS and then mainly legends.

    Domga, Peon

  • JprossJpross lberube9@hotmail.com
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    Insane shard, now called Neverlands Phoenix.
  • Lake Austin then Alexandria free shard until it also died,
  • .aVa on drachs and europa
    Char names:
    Witchcraft, Alpha II Omega.
    been playing since before EU server.
  • FlynnFlynn Denmark

    Neverlands 2004-2009 and now i believe it is called Neverlands Phoenix

    Under what Alias? I was on Neverlands aswell, as "Queek"... I see it's been moved from .org to .pl now.
    Would be awesome to find old players from the Neverlands shard..
  • Chesapeake here, '97 to ... '02 maybe? Probably 01. Guildless for a while, spent a while in Heartkin. Used to help run the Duir at Yew tavern as Francis Robb, and helped with Marrach Lir as Jonathan Tane.

    Still active friends with some of the folks I met back then, some in other games, some in RL ... :)

    Only just discovered LoA recently, and I'm definitely curious. I was one of those who was less enamoured with the PK type environment of Felucca or pre-Fel/Tram Britannia (in no small part because I sucked at PVP, of course). So I'm curious how this one is going to turn out in time, but still worth a chunk of change to help it along ... :)
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