What original UO Shard are you from?



  • Catskills
  • Cerridwyn said:

    Nocturn said:

    @Francis @Sargon @graham @Zag @Nogo @Dread Lord @DGProphet

    I've been looking for some old friends from Chessy and I wondered if you all might know any of the players behind the characters from those days; Connor Macleod, Wizard of Id, Fawne Goldynhart, Lilith, Abysnthe, Dupre, Lady Crystal Rose, Govannon Mac Lyr, and Lady Talia.

    I'd love to get in touch with the old community and see them around again.

    I remember you as Valzuk. I played Cerridwyn, Trixie, Amber, and a bunch of others in Myth, Pax, and Silvervale. I'm still in contact with some people who used to roleplay with us as well. I met Fawne, Govannon, and Talia in person years ago. I'd love to catch up sometime.
    Hails M'lady Cerridwyn!

    It's so awesome to see you around! I sent you a direct message.
  • InfernoInferno Devils Of Kimone
    I played on Napa Valley. Name was Inferno.. i was the real inferno there were two at some point but i was the original haha. Ran two guilds one was called MoB and another DoR. Some of the players i used to hang with where Raging Bull, Sweetpea, Happy, Unibomber, Friona Apple, and now i have a mind block haha so many people cant remember all their names.
  • i played in Baja from 1997-2009 I ran a guild called cult of the 7 sins my char names were stallon and Pkurass
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    Baja and Napa before and after the felucca/trammel split. Twister used to play baja when I was on and the leet program at the time was black ice:)
  • Great Lakes.
    My husband played earlier and much more than I did. I preferred Diablo and then Everquest over UO. :P
  • I started on Lake Superior when UO started. Old my small tower right before Lake Austin shard opened. Moved to Lake Austin shard in 2002 so I had an opportunity to place a Castle (which I did eventually). Also played on Siege Perilous for a year around 2003-2004.
  • Aasan_DarAasan_Dar Oregon, USA
    I think I played on Baja for a couple years, then moved on to third-party "shards". I lived the majority of my 10ish UO years on Icrontic/Ikrontik shard (as Aasan Dar, eventually the last Administrator of old Ikrontik).
  • InfernoInferno Devils Of Kimone
    Talon said:

    Baja and Napa before and after the felucca/trammel split. Twister used to play baja when I was on and the leet program at the time was black ice:)

    Was your name Talon on Napa?
  • kiizkiiz The Deathjesters -DJs-

    Blitzkrieg, Defiance, UOF

    The DeathJesters
  • TalonTalon Pacific Coast
    edited February 2018
    Inferno said:

    Talon said:

    Baja and Napa before and after the felucca/trammel split. Twister used to play baja when I was on and the leet program at the time was black ice:)

    Was your name Talon on Napa?
    Raven Claw, Shadowspawn, Belgarath on Napa. which reminds me now ...any KGB players in LOA?
  • Chesepeake mainly. The only name I can remember was my dexxer character Boba Fett. Mostly played during Renaissance but a little while after as well.
    I could be found in Bucs Den or Moonglow, usually naked carrying a blessed silver Vanq short spear or Valorite Runic Lg battle axe depending on the timeframe.
    Man those were good times, I think I was 15, 16?

  • Atlantic (Xuri Dabur, bard and gleeman of yew) and Europa (Grim Xuri, thief and brigand turned (mostly) honest citizen of Deepwater) here. 1997 to 2003? 2004? Don't remember. Forgot to cancel my UO subscription back when I stopped playing.

    Just bought the game, looks promising!
  • I Played on LS from 97-2015.
  • atlantic 98, played t2a on a freeshard for years but the population died
  • Originally from Baja (97-01), was in the guilds VX, Savage Truth and Kingdom of Dawn!
  • DaggothDaggoth United States
    Daggoth, Catskills on UO from Beta until...I dunno.
    Ran some private shards and played a bunch.
    Looking forward to seeing how this goes.
  • 97-04 great lakes/Atlantic Alot of people where happy when I quit playing. thieves life for life :).
  • TiZonaTiZona Felluca
    From 1999 to 2004

    I played in several Guilds like ELC, ESP, and in AI
  • d_ned_ne Germany
    I believe I started in 1997-98 on Napa Valley. After Drachenfels went online, I moved over there.
    I guess I played until around 2002-03... I'm getting serious UO flashbacks while playing LoA :D I love it!

    Btw - if somebody here remembers the guild "Bravehearts" on Napa Valley, it would be great to catch up!
  • Catskills 97-2003

    Played as:

    Ajar Deathstrike (UND)
    Darix Darkbane (UND)
    Gung'Zog (Shadowclan)

  • nexednexed boston
    edited April 2018
    legends/atl 98 - accts are active but last time i really played was probably 2014-15ish maybe?

    NeXeD, had a lot of other names... ive played with most of the pvpers on the east coast in one guild or another W@R A*K L^D HaX! ViP!
  • Starlord said:

    Beta Great Lakes in guild called Black Company . Name was BorG Sir Duncan had a bunch of pk toons . Please to all bc guild members like sir Bart please let me know where u at or anyone from bc. Also please don’t make this game carebear land all u people crying bout pking already

    BorG!!!! What's up man!! Braxxus/Whitefire/SoulSeeker/Sirrach/Silent Bob here. We played UO together way back in the day. You still around? I've been looking for the old school B*C guys for so long now. Hit me up if you ever see this!
  • I originally played on Atlantic (Darian -human fighter) and Siege Perilous (Thuok-ork assassin) mains, but the real time I called UO my home was on Legends in Fort Briarwood. I was the Town Marshall Rhinac Sortis (FBM-Fort Briarwood Militia), I truly miss those times we had a great community with Sio and Melph, Einstein and Jannelle (<<aka Scrappy Doo), Salem and Fam, ohh my god getting all misty here hehe.

    I loved that player run town used to spend hours just killing off vampire bats until I had a certain tamer import some *friends* (Gaman) to thin them out ( you know who you are *wink*), that is until a GM told us we had to stop. I think they actually started to spawn on their own because we had like 20 or so populating the area for awhile, it was great hehe.

    Ohh hey if any of you guys read this I saw there was a custom Legends of Ultima shard is that one of us?? If so send me an in game whisper I'm playing Brig/Rhinac/Jericho at the moment.
  • Napa Valley. Learned how to type while playing there. Unfortunately, my first conversation happened to be with an NPC. Good thing a real person came along to show me the ropes. We went into the woods and he murdered me as I sat on a log.
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    I started on Catskills server played for a few years then had transferred to Atlantic as well. My pvp toon was named Relic and my mule was named Lil Ingot. Had many other toons as well.
  • Played on Chesapeake from 1999 through 2003ish. Played as Mage Gravis Cirrus, Mule/Crafter Creek Stillwater, and Rogue Haans InUrrpak....I have played these same names on every game I have played and they live on in LOA.

    Only I will not be buying a house on ebay this time. What is laughable is a made money off of it when I sold it. Crazy.
  • poodspoods Louisiana
    Lake Superior 97-..... Played mostly as Eric Draven but did have a few others thrown in.
  • GrimmGrimm UO2 Purgatory
    Lake Superior from late 97 to 2001.

    Words can't describe how excited I am to see the games spiritual successor on it's way. Every game I've played since UO (other than Eve which I played for many years) have always been compared to UO and been found wanting. I also played WoW for a couple years and many other MMO's since. Every other game has left me feeling like I've played it before (WoW). It's way past time for another UO type game to come out.
  • RigormorticRigormortic Huntsville Alabama
    Played Great Lakes from release untill Tram.. Played as a Smith Zena Prodigy.. lived on the East side of Ice Island near the mine.. Had Many Great memories there Defending the mine. i was also at RedDevilTower When SiN and company attacked Red Devil "Best TIme in any MMO ever" also played as Flintfireforge.. and Harpell Haper.. looking forward ta playing LOA.
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