What original UO Shard are you from?



  • I've played Ultima Online for almost 20 years now. I started on Pacific shard, but now currently am on Atlantic with the rest of the player base.

    I occasionally login on Pacific just to check in on my old guildies that are still playing. Most are excited to try this game when it launches. But it's hard to say at this time if the game will replace UO for us...

    On Atlantic my main character is a Melee macefighter, love the PvE stuff :)
  • Europa , 2002-2011
    [Evil Lords Company] [ELC]
  • Neuchadnezzar C*P clan on Great Lakes. Had two accounts all 7x gm but this was my main along with Aravan
  • kieronkieron London,England
    Catskills to begin as Europa didnt exist, then on day one of Europa switched over. played from 98-01 and loved it :)

    always played as my mage Ciar O'Murchada in various PvP guilds, so looking forward to bumping into people i might have known from the old days, who might be taking a look at this.

    would love to see if old players from those days are still around, my friends on Catskills like Grenfel and Xarthna and WoF, on Europa the Clowns such as Ulf and maybe Josh Du Roe and Binbs, but it seems on ICQ it's very quiet now hehe
  • kieronkieron London,England
    Midgard said:

    Once Drachenfels but transferred all of my characters to Europa when Drach died. Also played Siege Peilous!

    Are you the Midgard that ran with Leoric on Europa,if so i used to fight you two constantly in T2A :)
  • innoxinnox O'fallon, Illinois
    Great Lakes - Guild of Friends (GoF)
  • VolkerVolker Hell on Earth
    edited October 2017
    Europa - main "Dragon" GM Blacksmith and Mage
  • ValdricValdric Frozen Tundra
    Valdric Flagg

    Played on Great Lakes from 97 until SWG hit.

    Was part of the Great Lakes Alliance and the Dark Guard guild founded by Abraxxus of Hell.
  • Pacific
    Over here. Hope they come out with a west coast shard for launch
  • Pacific was where I was back when the Fallen Lords (FL) dominated Felucca.
  • I was in FL from 05-07 then moved on to play in smaller clans
  • The only name I remember from FL is a guy named Ooji who was the bane of my existence. Running around on his Ethy beetle like 24/7 monitoring all the champ spawns.
  • That guy was inactive while I was in there until the last few months. But the guy who picked up where he left off was Arycke. Fucking guy would always ruin my gate fighting time by sending us out to check spawns like every hour or less
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    Played Great Lakes from like December 97 until a little while after AoS. Bounced around between a number of guilds VD, GoD, BG, FS! as Helios Magua or also Vaskir Magua, Vrangex Magua, etc. Even played as Ping after I sold my account and then acquired another.

    Also played on Chessy in the 2000's with dnd (Denied) and still game with them today. Few of us are here on Aria along with few FS! guys.
  • Europa - from release - AoS.
  • i played on AOL legends , and then just legends, was a part of the guild fellowship of skara brae. toon names were - silversliver, tiny, america, zio, and trick.
  • Raserei_Raserei_ United States
    Great lakes briefly.

    Most of my time was spent on UOGamers:Hybrid, until it died. Anyone that PvPed there will know me. :)
  • Oceania
  • MarachinoMarachino fpe3@sc.rr.com
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    Hi guys, just found out about this project and HAD to donate! Atlantic Shard here. I played there my entire time. I helped found the EDU guild that maintained the new players academy just outside the main gates of Britannia in the Rivendell player city and was a Counselor during my time in the original game under the same name I will be playing under on this game.
    Look forward to meeting and getting to know you guys. Glad to see this game is being made for sure.
  • MarachinoMarachino fpe3@sc.rr.com
    Grishnahk said:

    Atlantic RPer all the way. Enjoyed my time in The Cult of Infernal Necromancy (Ncr) and would take any chance to smash the lightbringers in Rivendell or Moonglow, (though later in my return I joined MTC due to it being the last decent RP guild around). I absolutely love this game so far and would like to meetup with any oldschool UO RPers out there to bring back the feels!

    Marachino and Reptus, the schools token red ;), look forward to seeing you in game. Many a good battle took place in the Rivendell practice yard hah.! Great to see ya. I am still in contact with Din and Camber from the school as well and will be forwarding them this link as well.
  • CerridwynCerridwyn United States
    Nocturn said:

    @Francis @Sargon @graham @Zag @Nogo @Dread Lord @DGProphet

    I've been looking for some old friends from Chessy and I wondered if you all might know any of the players behind the characters from those days; Connor Macleod, Wizard of Id, Fawne Goldynhart, Lilith, Abysnthe, Dupre, Lady Crystal Rose, Govannon Mac Lyr, and Lady Talia.

    I'd love to get in touch with the old community and see them around again.

    I remember you as Valzuk. I played Cerridwyn, Trixie, Amber, and a bunch of others in Myth, Pax, and Silvervale. I'm still in contact with some people who used to roleplay with us as well. I met Fawne, Govannon, and Talia in person years ago. I'd love to catch up sometime.
  • RiotRiot United States
    I played Atlantic from like 99-01' - had a few characters... Sephiroth was my main dexxer warrior (creative name I know.... lol. What can I say, I was 12 or 13), Rynn was my blacksmith, and Tristan Bleak was my thief. Had a lot of fun! Hopeful this game will be a good time too, I discovered it recently and am excited to try out Beta.
  • KravenKraven United States
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    Dire said:

    Dire on SP, was one of the first GM tamers and owned a nightmare spawn, was part of Combat Animal Tamers, then KGB then another guild that we moved to an alliance, good old days...

    I remember you Dire as well as CAT and of course KGB. Good times.
  • KravenKraven United States
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    Played on Great Lakes first. Lived on Ocllo in a stolen bakery and played solo or with my long lost friend Calypso.

    Once Siege Perilous opened I never looked back. Aside from maybe Mordred in DAOC, Siege Perilous is the most fun I've ever had gaming.

    Kraven, CE/Caliban, Xie
  • Played on Europa, two accounts with a number of characters, can't even remember all of them :neutral: but main characters were
    Mawkish(roleplay PK) in guild Pink Hat Thugs
    Aidan Riain(roleplay) in guild The Judges("We are the LAW!")
    Zed(GM tamer money maker)
    Promoe(bandage thief)
  • mappermapper United Kingdom
    Played Europa from 2003 to 2013 ish

    Was in quite a few RP guilds!

    Citizens of Moonglow
    Duchy of Trinsic
    Baronship of Cove

    I think I may have even been in GRD for a short while

    Looking forward to playing LoA tomorrow for the first time and seeing what it's like
  • DerrinDerrin United States
    Great Lakes Characters: Derrin, Deuce, Anthony Played from Beta til about 3 months ago.
    Oceania: Started as a Counselor on Oceania and now I am a current player still playing on Oceania.
  • Beta Great Lakes in guild called Black Company . Name was BorG Sir Duncan had a bunch of pk toons . Please to all bc guild members like sir Bart please let me know where u at or anyone from bc. Also please don’t make this game carebear land all u people crying bout pking already
  • Atlantic baby!

    Had characters: Prometheus, Corvi, Dulgan and Versace.

    Can't quite remember my guild name and only remember one guildmate, Black Rose.
  • TurinTurin Between the Sagittarius and Perseus Arms of the Milky Way
    Lake Superior 97-04 guild was RD, Clan Red Dragon Main character name was Nico
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