What original UO Shard are you from?



  • AvalonAvalon Canada
    Welcome to LoA Mondainite! I remember the temple, but many of the players from back in the day are shades of gray for me now-a-days!
  • ZenechulesZenechules Is Somewhere in Felucca
    Great Lakes, ran around with a small group murdering everyone
  • ZephZeph LoA RP Community: loa-rp.com
    Nice to see more Great Lakes folks finding their way here.
  • VulgarenVulgaren over the hills and far away,,,,,,
  • @Nocturn I am familiar with the names and guilds you have mentioned, some via their reputation and others from adventures shared. I played two characters that were involved with stuff around Paxlair and Mythndale, Drake Marsten and Lady Vienne.

    The final story line I had participated in was related to the Wraiths which lead to the corruption of Lady Vienne. I had left sometime after that, was drawn away by private RP servers where player GMs made more complex stories and quests possible.

    Indeed there are a lot of awesome people that I lost touch with. I guess you don't realize until its too late. Another guild worth mentioning is the Veiled Alliance with Don Martin DeLeon, Asland, Eli, John, Jon and many others. I think Lady Crystal Rose was originally a member as well.

    The community of people around Paxlair and the many other RP towns was really great. You had a bunch of people work behind the scenes to put together stories and quests for the other players. That is no small feat considering the kind of environment early UO was.

    While private UO shards gave players control to create a proper world for rich stories I felt that it never quite reached the level of what was accomplished back on Chesapeake. Private shards always felt divided and competitive. I guess the hostile UO environment of live servers really forced players to unite into more solid communities where working together was essential to prosper.

    Which character did you play in the Wraiths and Mythndale Knights? We may have crossed paths.
  • @Francis The guild you mentioned is familiar to me along with the characters. I remember many of the names at town meetings in Mythndale Tavern and the reputation of Don Martin Deleon. I've never had the same experience like I did in Chesapeake.

    I played two characters as well, Nocturn and Valzuk Valorstone. Nocturn participated with the Mythndale Knights and Wraiths for a short time. As time went on and the brief servitude to Lady Talia with the Clan of Vampires, I parted ways and started the Vampirus Camarilla. My last story event was part of the destruction of Mythndale when most players went off to private shards and Everquest.
  • @Nocturn I think I may have left by the time you joined the Mythndale knights. Chesapeake was certainly a great shard, I had lots of great adventures there. Despite playing on an off on private servers till 2010 I only encountered a single person from Chesapeake. I guess everyone had scattered to the 4 winds, who knows how many still play or would play another mmo.

    In any case great to see someone else from the good old days on Chesapeake.
  • Catskills!
  • Once Drachenfels but transferred all of my characters to Europa when Drach died. Also played Siege Peilous!
  • @Nocturn I know conner macleod, lost contact over the years. a couple other names I have totally heard or, but don't personally know. If we're talking about the same guy, conner macleod (max??) was still playing UO on chessy (with a long stint on Europa) in 2016 as a part of Dragons Watch
  • Nuke RatNuke Rat Washington State
    Pacific here, for about 8 years. Also during the fl stage lol, was fun killing and being killed by them at champ spawns in fel. Also had a store - Pandora's Box - and did alot of doom runs. Fun times
  • Lady XLady X Eldeir
    Europa :)
  • Druid5280Druid5280 Colorado
    I think I played mostly on Baja. I remember someone named Homeless Ron who took me under his wing. There was also someone named Tears of God who ran SS. I think my name was Azuroth and I was a total noob.
  • BeecusBeecus Un-united Kingdom

    A friend and I had anti-macro PvPers.. we used to hunt and kill recall miners.

    Frank and Jessie James.
  • Atlantic 1998-2005, then I played again for about a year or so two or three years ago.
  • TreizeTreize philippines-chessapeake
    Played on Chesapeake 00 to 02 under the nickname Treize and on a private server Project X owned by Blacky under the nick Hammy.

  • EnzietEnziet Canada
    Pacific from 98 / 2015. My 2nd account was Atlantic from 2015 / 2017. Yes I was an active sub for 20 years.

    I finally ended my sub due to the heavy changes to most of my favourite places to hunt. The last dungeon was DOOM, and with the recent changes it has made it not worth the effort anymore. :( It was a fun run, but I am ready for a game to take it's spot for another 20 years. I'm hoping it's this one.
  • Europa (a little) and Lake Superior (a bit more!)
  • Chessy. Atlantic. And a couple others.
    Volrath. Skragork. Calith. Azrael. Skrag. Rain. Don't remember the other characters.
  • Mytharria in the late 90's
    New to this site. Looking to pledge in. Is it anything like UO?
  • ShibsShibs Napa, California
    I was on Pacific most of the time but I also played on Sonoma and Napa.... I had up to 14 accounts at one time...lol, I was an addict!
  • I played OSI from 99-02ish on Sonoma. KrazyK and Dead Bear were my mains. I played a lot of free servers throughout the years after leaving but cant recall which ones.
  • edited September 2017
    Europa :)

    Was part of a guild called MorningStar - we had our own little village in the woods just north of Vespa
  • Chesapeake 97-02
    Dr Kayone
    IrOnFiSt MaX
  • LS 04-12 and just recently started playing again. Also Played on my brothers Account back in 98-01
  • hassenhassen somewhere, TX
    I played on Chesapeake from 1996 to 2000. Good times.
  • Great Lakes for years and then moved to Lake Austin.

    Some of the best times in a MMO...
  • Duke_SuraknarDuke_Suraknar In between worlds
    Greetings all.

    Atlantic Shard here.
  • KungFooKungFoo UO - Great Lakes
    Great Lakes was where my whole family played. I LOVED my noto-pk thief mage hehe

    After 6 or 7 years, we stated pvp'ing on the PTS though
  • DireDire Canada, UO Napa Valley pre Tram, UO SP
    abit of beta in the end,
    Pacific, but this was when it was lagged the hell,
    Napa Valley was created, moved there on the FIRST day, played until they ruined it with Trammy, moved to SP first day, played on the Abyss for abit as a fun server, but SP straight when they did the hardcore things..

    I was DiReWoLF of IceClan on Napa, changed to Dire later on,

    Dire on SP, was one of the first GM tamers and owned a nightmare spawn, was part of Combat Animal Tamers, then KGB then another guild that we moved to an alliance, good old days...
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