Any good reason to install this and try it?

I have not seen one thing that would make me want to sign into my Lord account that I pre purchased forever ago. The game just did not do it for me. So can anyone give me something good about this game that might make me want to install it and give it a try?


  • beater07beater07 America
    Depends what you like.
  • TeufelTeufel Celador
    I like it. If you liked UO you’ll enjoy this.

    Also, a mature community of 30 to 60 somethings.
  • This game is truly a gem. I enjoy every minute that I play.

    Keep in mind: The dev team is small so they don't have everything fine-tuned and polished.

    10000% recommend.
  • Rappy88Rappy88 Amber Moon, (Australia)
    Me likey.
  • It depends. For me, I love this game.
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