Limit wearing cursed items

Limit to wearing only a single cursed item at a time for the main slots. Weapon, shield, helm, legs, tunic, necklace, ring.


  • beater07beater07 America
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    Just make cursed gear more rare or break sooner. It's too common and that is why we see too many people in full sets.

    Limiting to one slot is dumb and makes no sense. People who spend the time should be able to eventually aquire a full suit of cursed, but because of rarity only a few people would actually get it.

  • the issue i have with that is it makes certain people overpowered and they dont die enough to make a difference. it then creates a class of elite players that nobody can catch up too.
  • at some point we will end up with item insurance to balance it, which i dont want
  • beater07beater07 America
    There will always be elite players you can't catch up with no matter what. Still think cursed are too common and should be more rare though.
  • i dont disagree with making them more rare. but you can make the gap smaller between the elite and casual players in terms of gear. Just like it was before they added all these artifacts which didnt exist in alpha, beta, and when the game first launched.
  • the bad thing though is if you do make cursed gear more rare the people that already have sets are at a huge advantage.
  • beater07beater07 America
    Add higher durability loss on death.
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