Stocker Missions

I am looking for a stocker in Eldier Village, and not sure where to look. I don't want to pull out my hair running around like crazy. Would they be near a cotton field and if so where is one near Eldier Village. I'm just not sure where to look for them for missions. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


  • beater07beater07 America
    Be faster just running around the relatively small town and find the stocker yourself than waiting for an answer on a dead forum. Just saying.
  • AmarokAmarok Crimson Sea Europe
    ressource mission dispatcher (find fluffy cotton, regain stolen silk, .....) you will find the NPC at the crossing between the two "market places" in Eldeir City facing towards the Blacksmith. Her Name is "Hera"

    mission dispatcher (bandits amoung, Undead are, ....) you will find the NPC standing right in front of the inn in Eldeir City. His Name is "Harold"
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