Amass 400 wood, need help please.

How can I collect 400 wood that does not fit into my backpack. I can't make a chest either, not high enough level to make one. Can you get bigger back packs? I feel really dumb on this one. I've gotten rd of almost everything out of my backpack except for basic tools. Now what? Please help. Do I need my own land or something to put it on?
Thanks in advance.


  • dirricvirrudirricvirru Fort Worth, TX
    edited May 21
    There is a banker in all of the major towns. You have to talk to them and select an option or when you are next to them type "bank" in the chat. Keep an eye on your minimap for the icon. You'll be able to store what you need to there until you are able to get a house.

    Also I'd recommend joining the discord, its a lot more active with people willing to help.
  • You just need to go to the bank in towns
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